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Help with feeding two different cats different food!

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Hello, this is my first post, and I apologise if this topic was covered elsewhere.

I have two cats at home, Angie and Chloe. Angie is about 9 years old, and Chloe is about 4 months. We introduced Chloe to Angie about a month ago as per the usual routine for introducing a new cat, and everything went normally (Angie used to have an older "brother" who died just a few years ago).

The biggest problem I'm having now (other than the fact that Chloe wants to play all the time and angie just wants to be left alone) is that Angie needs older adult food, and Chloe needs kitten food, and of course everyone wants to eat the other person's food!

How can I get them to eat their own food? Is there any way to do this without having to seperate them for a specific meal time during the day?

Angie has eaten so much of Chloe's kitten food in the last month that she has quite obviously put on weight.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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I would get both cats on a healthy food for all ages or adults. The kitten doesn't not need kitten food for an extremely long time. She is a little older, it's not like she is only 7 or 8 weeks and just being weaned. I would at least feed them both an adult food but they do make all ages food.

What brand are you feeding? I think the quality of the food is more important then the kitten getting kitten food and the senior getting senior food.
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If you're not worried about the kitten stealing the older cat's food, you can put the kitten's food in a large sturdy wood box with a hole that's only large enough for the kitten to fit through. Don't make the hole too snug or the kitten will get stuck as she grows, but just small enough so that the older cat can't fit. Might not work if your older cat is petite, or your kitten is approaching the size of the older cat.
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my suggestion would be to get a cat food for the older cat and let the kitten eat it. then pick up some vitamins/supplements for kittens or growing cats and feed that to the kitten to cover the nutrients she would be lacking in the older cat food. if it was prescription food the older cat was on i would suggest my box that i have invented for them(http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...62#post1349262) but i don't think you need to spend that kind of money for a kitten that will become older soon and be able to eat a food for older cats. i wouldn't worry over the kitten eating the senior food if you give the kitten a supplement with it.
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