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Radio Question :Sept 20, 2006

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What have you thrown at someone in a fit of rage?
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hmmmm, a basket of clothes (yes that made a mess I had to clean up ) my keys, and I'm sure some other things that i can't think of right now g
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RIght now I can't recall throwing anything at anyone but I have thrown objects at other objects when mad at someone.

And somewhere there is a hole in the plaster from my fist. (Learned that from my Dad unfortunately.)
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I'm sure I have never thrown anything in a fit of rage. If I ever did, it was many years ago and I have forgotten about it.
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car keys
my cell phone
someone elses cell phone
the house phone
the remote control to the tv

(yeah, I'm a bit of a drama queen )
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I usually don't throw things at people but I have thrown many hair clips at Lee. He usually throws things at wall or punches hole in the. He threw at butt splice at the side of the house and hit the Hardy Plank Siding (which is made partially of cement) and left a dent in it....
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I threw a full pop at DH a LONG time ago. But That's it. My temper is getting worse and I am trying to control it, so I don't throw things anymore. He on the other hand has thrown a chair at the wall, a big box of card at the wall, and something at me which in turn caused the pop to be thrown at him. Thankfully we both don't have good aim or we'd be at the hospital for stiches because of that fight. Now we hardly fight, just argue, and growl.
I think we are finally growing up.
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As a kid, I through a hairbrush at my younger brother. It missed him and hit and broke the mirror above my dresser. Got busted big time for that one!
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My foot into a wall
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Let’s see:

Car keys
A drink
A stick that was on fire (long story, he deserved it)

I also spit gum at a girl who cut my hair, we were sitting in art class and she just snipped a chunk out of my hair. I was so mad I spit my gum at her. Now, I realize it was childish, but she was holding a good four inches of my hair!
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I threw a bottle of nailpolish at a boyfriend when I was a teenager
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I really don't have a temper and when I do get mad, I'm a yeller not a thrower!
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You guys are harmless!
I threw my plate at my mum with my favourite food on it, and a chair.
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A bowl full of pimento cheese!
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Pringles! Haha...made quite a mess on the couch!
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water that was in a glass.
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I've never done it personally but my mom still tells the story where she almost induced labor with my brother (her first child) by getting mad at my dad and picking up the coffee table and throwing it at him.

(I promise we're not a Jerry Springer type family. It was a mix of my dad working a lot and wanting to go hunting in his spare time and my mom's pregnant hormones... )
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I honestly can't think of anything, so either I've never thrown anything at anyone, or I just can't remember it. For the most part, the only times I ever get angry are times when it just wouldn't be appropriate to throw things (not that it necessarily ever is, but there's a difference between flinging the remote at home and tossing a stapler at work). I bottle up my anger and take it out on unsuspecting ogres, bandits and cave rats when I get home and play Oblivion on the computer.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
You guys are harmless!
I threw my plate at my mum with my favourite food on it, and a chair.
I don't know Fran!!! You have never seen the size of my key ring!!! And after a martini in the eye, one would never even know they were coming!!!
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Pillows(I know I am SO tough! )
I threw a picture frame towards him but it didn't hit him. I didn't want it to cause I LOVED that frame....I am SUCH a good girlfriend

I am more of a yeller.....I throw things when I am REALLY mad....
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Nowadays, I'm actually very calm and kind of quiet when I'm mad, so no throwing in my house. When I was a little kid, however, I once beamed my little brother in the head with a shoe...just a couple of weeks after he had surgery on his cleft palate .
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I hate to admit this but I once thew a suitcase at a gate agent in the airport. I threw it over her head, but still...

I think that's the only time I have been so enraged.
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I'm definitely more of a yeller too, but there have been times when I've been so mad I just have to do something physical. I smashed up our last toaster when I was mad at DH. (I always wanted a better toaster anyway!)
When I was a kid, I threw a cup of hot coffee at my sister. She threw a belt at me, whacked me in the face with it, then it hit the glass door at smashed it.
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Erik's cell phone - and it shattered all over the floor. Ooops!

(It was in his direction, not AT him)
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I've really only ever thrown something once. It was a frozen lobster tail, and it was at DH (and he desperately deserved it...)
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Yrs ago when I "reminded" DH that we should have put all the cats in the house before attending a wedding I was screaming at 1 am for sheba and was so mad I threw the mag lite flashlight at a tree and smashed to to bits (did find the cats though)
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An egg.

It is supposed to be a classic.
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Originally Posted by fwan View Post
You guys are harmless!
I threw my plate at my mum with my favourite food on it, and a chair.
I'm with Fran - I picked up some take out on my way home from a very long day at work once and my sister threw a fit because I didn't get her anything so I threw it at her and told her to have it (no plate though)
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I took a hammer to my ex-husband's computer. (He was surfing porn sites and engaging in cyber-sex).
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Not since I was a teenager.......and then it was a box of Kleenex!
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