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Bites on Cat's Ears?

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My white cat has been getting little bites on the outsides of his ears; he doesn't scratch them, there's no odor, or sight of parasites to make me think it's ear mites. He goes outside with my brown tabby, but my tabby doesn't have any such bites on his ears. I have a lot of mosquitos in my back yard & I'm wondering if that's what it could be: mosquitos attracted to his pink ears.... any thoughts, similar experiences?http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/ima...s/confused.gif
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I woul have then check by your VET.
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I called me vet & she says it's an allergic reaction to mosquitos. I have to put a pet-safe repellent on him now before he can go outside, and of course I have him on heartworm protection.
But just a heads up in case any of you run into a similar problem!
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Just out of curiosity, what do the "Bites" look like? I've got one kitty outside who has little black dots on the tips of his ears. He's Frontlined, so it isn't fleas....
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It depends on what they look like, but since you mentioned that he's a white cat and he's going outdoors (and that you see no parasites), you may want to investigate the possibility that it's sun damage. White cats are theoretically not supposed to be allowed outdoors or have long exposure to sunlight, because they're more vulnerable to skin cancer, which first manifests itself as scabs or lesions on the ears and tip of the nose.
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