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Got a new cat brush today, and now she won't leave me alone!

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LoL - it's so cute. She keeps running up and sitting on my lap to see if I have the brush. I left it on the coffee table and she went over and sat right next to it . It's hilarious to watch her, she goes insane over the littlest things.

She also got some new toys and a new water bowl today (her's was getting beyond yucky so I figured it was time for a new one, mom was sick of me stealing the kitchen bowls). I got her some of those toys that hang on the wands for her to bat around. She likes those a lot (but she prefers paper bags, lol).
She's a happy kitty, but the dog was so jealous that I had to run down to the store and get him a new toy .

(Yep, this post is pretty much pointless, lol, I just figured I might blab a little. )
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First of all your lucky your cat likes to be brushed. It's like I'm tortuing my cat when I brush her. Second no post is ever pointless when it comes to our little baby kitties.
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Sounds like that brush was the perfect present for your kitty!
I wish mine loved the brush as much!
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LOL- No post is pointless when you're talking about the cute things your kitties do. We're all guilty of it.

I had ordered this wall mounted kitty comb that you place on a corner and the cat is supposed to groom himself on it. It sounded like a good idea since my cats are always rubbing their faces on things and it was only six bucks so I said what the hey I'll buy it for them.

When it arrived I opened up the box three of my cats crowded around to see what it was. Once I opened it and combed them with it a little they loved it. I found the corner to set it up in, filled the comb with cat nip and set it up on the wall with the three of the behind me waiting for me to finish. Once the comb was in place I stood up and the cats walked over to it, sniffed it a little, looked up at me and walked away. Arg!!!!

They never did use it either.
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I've practically given up brushing my girls. If I catch them in the midst of a deep cat nap, I might try to brush them, but they usually wake up pretty fast and give one of those Looks. I have to pin Sasha down to get her to let me get a little of the excess fur off her. you're lucky to have a kitty that likes being groomed.
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The weird thing is, she hated the old brush. It's just been since I got this new cheap one that she likes it. It's so strange...
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You've got to tell us the brand name!! My cat tries to eat my hand whenever a brush gets anywhere near him.
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Yes - we need the specifics of the brush in hopes our kitties will have the same reaction as Socks! Trent doesn't really like being brushed, although if I catch him when he's half asleep on the cat tree he'll wiggle around to make sure he's brushed all over. Of course, my biggest problem is that he wants to eat the hair I just brushed off him.
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I never had a cat that liked to be brushed. I'd get in a few strokes before I would get attacked. I use to brush with one hand and hold a long comb in the other to block. But, then I found a foot long bath loafa in the drugstore. I sprinkled it with catnip and put it on the floor. The cats went crazy for it! They hug it, kick it with their back feet, rub their face in it and bite off pieces. And I get to brush them while all their aggression goes into the loafa!! I don't think they even know I'm there!
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It's by a brand called Meow! and I got it at a dollar store! LoL. (Which makes me angry because I bought a $10 one not two months ago, and she goes crazy for this 99 cent one!) One side is like a bristle brush, which is what she likes to be brushed with, and the other side is the harder bristles with the plastic topper round things (sorry, I'm not a good explainer, lol) and I use that for the spots where she has more fur (she likes to get her belly rubbed with this side). I don't know what's so special about it, but she seems to adore it!
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I use a flea comb - hint to those who have can't who don't like to be brushed. I only get to brush Loki when I come home from work - then he wants attention any which way he can get it.
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Our boys love the double-sided brush too! Lazlo is scared of the brush, but if he doesn't see it when you start brushing him, his purring gets SO LOUD right away. As soon as he sees the brush, though, he tries to attack it. Shelly, on the other hand, loves to be brushed all over, and will even roll over on his back to get his belly brushed. He doesn't care the brush looks so funny, and bats Lazlo if Laz tries to attack the brush while we're brushing Shel. LOL! :tounge2:
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