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I just booked a cruise and it's my first. I'm so excited!!

It's at the end of september. We're doing a western caribbean cruise that leaves in Miami. It goes to Belize and Key West.

Have any of you guys been on a cruise? I'm looking for any tips and advice.

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Nope I never have been, but I think my fiance has been I'm not sure.

We were thinking of maybe going on one for our honey moon.
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I'm jealous! I've always wanted to go on a cruise! How long are you going for? One this is for sure: you'll have a fantastic time! Are you going to go scuba diving?
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Oh Colby, that sounds like so much fun!!!! I have never been on a cruise before, either. I bet you will have the time of your life!!!
I'm jealous, too! I'm really happy for you, work so hard, and you deserve a break!!! I hope you have a wonderful time!!!
September will be here before you know it! And make sure to take lots of pictures for us!
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I've been on two: 4-days, to Catalina & Ensenada and 7-days, Western Caribbean. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

Use sunscreen. I forgot, at Labadee, Haiti and was in a bit of pain, for a couple of days. A large-brimmed hat is a good idea, too. Try to find a fabric one, that can be rolled up and packed.

Afternoon naps are a MUST. You do not want to miss the midnight buffets. Pick the early dinner seating. That way, you catch the entertainment AND have room for the buffet!

Be careful, with the duty-free shops, on board. Some of that stuff is priced way higher than you can get it for, at home. Shopping on shore is better. Save all receipts. You're allowed $400.00 worth of stuff, duty-free. DO get T-shirts, with the ship's logo, though.

Have fun!
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Cindy! You've been on TWO cruises? You are so lucky! I have the feeling i will never even get to take one, let alone two! But who knows, maybe I will someday.
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Debby, Royal Caribbean runs a 4-daycruise, from LA to Catalina, San Diego and Ensenada. It isn't very expensive and, with the right agent, you can get round-trip airfare included. When we did this one, in 1995, it cost $726, for both of us. We didn't need the airfare add-on, because LA isn't that much of a drive for us.

The 7-day Western Caribbean was about $2000.00, with airfare and 1 night at the Hyatt Regency, in Miami.
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Tigger, the SO doesn't like water (this seems completely bizarre to me) so I don't know if we'll do any scuba diving or not. When we get to Belize we'll probably do some jungle excursion. I haven't seen the list of excursions yet, so I don't know what is offered. We'll be gone for 5 days.

You know we had picked the late dinner so we wouldn't feel rushed when we had off ship days. That way we could get back to the ship, shower and relax before dinner. I don't know if I'll be eating much of the midnight buffet, but the SO has a quick turnover time, so I know he can do both the late dinner & buffet! That's a good point about the entertainment though, and maybe I'll call and switch.

I can't wait to wear cute little summer clothes (actually have a reason to!) & get dressed up for dinner! And take lots and lots of photos. I'm going to be really active, do lots of walking and take some exercise classes. I don't want to gain the cruise weight! My friend told me the average is 7-10lbs I'm not gonna gain that! :laughing:
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The jungle excursion sounds really fun! I've always wanted to go on a cruise. What's the weather going to be like? Although, I'm guessing it's always warm where you are going to, isn't it? How much is it costing you? You dont have to answer that if you don't want to. I saw a commercial being advertised today and it was something like $700 per person.
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I have no idea what the weather will be like! I should be checking into that! :laughing:

It ended up being $1500 total including airfare. They also gave me a cabin upgrade for $10 a person when I called to add the airfare. Initially I opted to not include it, but after a search online, I found that it was going to cost me the same amount and if I booked with carnival it was up to them to get us to the ship if there was a flight delay or cancellation. So no stressing over getting to the ship on time. The burden is on them to get us there. The agent told me that the airfare is generally much more expensive but they were running a special. I'm really pleased because I don't think $1500 for accomadations, food (all you want), entertainment and airfare for 5 days, for 2 people is unreasonable at all. I booked the cruise through
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That sounds like a really good price, I think, for everything you are getting with it! Another problem i would have with ever taking a cruise is that hubby won't fly. he never has, and he has a horrible fear of it. So...unless we drove to the ship, which is along way from Iowa...I don't see it happening anytime soon. But I really hope you have a great time!!! See, I can just live vicariously through you..
I'm sure I misspelled that!
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ooooh, I am so jealous! Every few years, my dance studio's performers do a sort of traveling show kind of thing. I know they went to Disneyland a while ago, and in my first year with them they were just preparing for a Carribean cruise. I so sad I hadn't switched studios earlier... I was just a couple months too late, or I could have gone. They danced in a marketplace on some little Island, and in a dinner show on the ship. I'm guessing your trip won't include that, but you'll have so much fun anyway!!!!! Can't wait to hear all about it!
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Wow, I think that is a great price, IMO! There was that commercial on tv that I posted about earlier, and I asked about going on one, and hubby was like "I dont know......" So, I told him, I'd go without him, and he said if I did, it would be the end of us I'm not sure if he was serious or not. Knowing him, he'd never want to go on one You know, I love him very much, but sometimes he can be a real pain in the @$$ :LOL: when it comes to stuff like that ...... I remember once he said how things can happen if you go out of the US..... You know, as long as you watch your surroundings and things like that, I think you are just fine. Plus, a cruise...... you are usually with people. Maybe sometime in this lifetime I will go
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Tigger, I'll have my big strong handsome man with me so I'm not worried about our day excursions. He's a 100x more observant than me and his army training comes in handy :LOL:

You know what, he wasn't into doing a cruise either, but I just called and booked it. He's not jumping up and down about it but he's going and he'll have fun once we get there. He told me that he'll do whatever I want, and if this is what I want then he's fine with it. But he's not excited at all, me on the other hand, I'm bouncing off the walls. He didn't want to do the bed and breakfast thing either but he ended up loving it. When will he learn that I plan great vacations?!?

Nathalie, my understanding is there will be at least 3 or 4 things going on nightly, from comediens, bands, kareoke (I know I spelled that wrong) to broadway style shows. Something for everyone. So maybe there will be some dancers on board!
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Hey colby! That is great you are going, you deserve it!!

We are planning on doing a family cruise next fall, probably w/ Disney cruise lines. I cannot wait to book it!! They supposedly have wonderful stuff for the kids to do, and I am really looking forward to just being AWAY!! I want to do the Boston/Bermuda 5 day one, which included one day at the islands to get off. I think 5 days w/ two kids will be plenty, and I don't have to fly if we leave from Boston!! That is the highlight for me, I am really not into flying, although I've certainly done it enough in my lifetime!

You'll have to give us all the details when you return!!
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Originally posted by airprincess
He told me that he'll do whatever I want, and if this is what I want then he's fine with it.
Colby! Where did you find this man, and why couldn't I find one like that??? Oh aren't married yet.... (just kidding)

I used to be able to get hubby to do things that he didn't want to, but that was BEFORE we got married....
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Hey AP - Just popped over to see what's going on. Sounds like you're going to have a GREAT time! I have to admit I'm jealous. We haven't had a vacation for a LONG time (about 7 years!).

I think a cruise sounds like a wonderful vacation, and you really did get a great deal! I'd love to see Europe some day, but I really, really hate to fly (I get panic attacks), so I told my husband we'll have to go by cruise ship. I think it'll end up being a LONG vacation - maybe once he's retired!

Anyway, I hope you have a great time, and I can't wait to see pictures, especially of the jungle!
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Originally posted by Debby
I used to be able to get hubby to do things that he didn't want to, but that was BEFORE we got married....
Debby, In that case, We're NEVER getting married! :laughing: Don't want to lose my edge!

Dawn, I'm not a huge fan of flying, but I have to for my work anyway, so I just try to swallow my fears and not dwell on them. (easier said than done) I have a friend who has panic attacks and her doctor gave her a perscription for valium, to take before she flies. It works for her. We don't have kids, so the time is NOW to do things like this! I have soooo much I want to do and I just woke up one day and said 'what am I waiting for?' That day I booked the cruise.
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We don't even have kids and I'd love to take a Disney cruise! Nobody does it up like Disney. They always put on the total experience. You and the kids will have a blast!
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I'm going on my first cruise this Thursday. I'm so excited! It's a Disney Cruise. I can't wait!
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that sounds like so much fun!! You'll have to let me know how it was. I have no idea what to expect! I hear that the Disney cruise is incredible. I've been reading a lot online about cruises lately and I haven't read anything less than stellar about Disney.

Have a good time!
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I've, always gone with Royal Caribbean. Disney is too kid-oriented, for me. I don't want to in the middle of the ocean, with a bunch of screaming kids! Now that mine are grown, I don't have any patience, for other people's. I can take my nieces and nephews, in small doses and, if they get too noisy, I can tell them to knock it off.

You all have fun, on those cruises, though. One day, I'll get Bill on one.
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Susie, my parents went on a cruise to Alaska a few years ago. They said it was one of the best things they ever did. It wasn't all that expensive, considering where it was. They went on a smaller ship, not one the big cruise ships. With the smaller ship they were able to go into areas that the big ships can't go into because of their size, and were able to see more wildlife and parts that most people never get to see. They said it was amazing, and highly recommended it to anyone. Just seeing their pictures they brought back made us really want to go!
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I used to work for Disneyland...

My fiancée and I got a great deal on a vacation aboard Disney Cruse Lines.......

We had a wonderful time - (I think I gained 20lbs!)

Food 24-7!

You'll have "TONS" of fun

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