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Good and bad news about my Lusa

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Hi everyone! It's been a while since I updated you all on my rescue kitten Lusa. She's about 10 weeks old now. I had some real concerns about her health and weight.

The good news: She weighs 2 lbs 8 oz. She gained a whopping 21 ounces in a little over a month and is in a normal weight range according to the vet.

She finally got a negative fecal for roundworms after about 5 treatments and wash her litter box and replacing the litter every other day. It's a major relief to know she's worm free and has one less health issue. She'll get another treatment from the vet in about a week or so to make sure there aren't any hangers-on still in her system.

She's so energetic and is climbing everything I love seeing her dash around the house like a little ink blot on wheels.

The bad news: Her URI is still coming and going. We've been treating her with eye ointment for weeks and supplementing with l-lysine. It's really persistent and the vet tonight prescribed her an oral antibiotic. Hopefully, this will get her over the hump.

Her appetite has been spotty for the last three days and her tummy's upset, so she didn't get her vaccines as expected tonight. I fed her scrambled eggs with salmon for dinner because she's been refusing her wet canned food -- even warmed up. She ate a bit of that. The vet recommended a food by Pro Plan that has sardines and anchovies in it because it has a strong smell to get through her stuffy nose. If anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

Thanks to all who gave me advice in past threads. You all have been so helpful.
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When my 6 mo old kitty had a very persistent URI, the dr prescribed some kind of appetite stimulant for her. I gave her 1 tablet in the evening with her wet food. He also gave me Science Diet p/d (don't quote me on that) that was high calorie, stunk to high heaven, and had lots of stuff in it to boost her weight and immune system. I mixed it with a bit of baby food and she lapped it up. I left dry kitten chow down for her throughout the day to munch on, too.

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Plain meat baby foods, slightly warmed and sprinkled with bonito flakes or fish food flakes.
Usually works like a charm.
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