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checkbook designs

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What design do you have on your checks? I have some Tom & Jerry left over, but I just ordered some new ones of Winnie the Pooh from www.checksunlimited.com I only paid $15.00 for 2 boxes, which isn't too bad. I got free shipping & free font style. I think they are actually cheaper than our credit union. I think the credit union charged us something like $40.00 for 2 boxes for the T&J ones.
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I get mine from the bank, and I have a treble clef only. Unfortunately, I like end stubs (from the jurassic era!), so I don't get much of a choice. I have always liked Tom and Jerry. When I was teaching school I always wore a novelty time watch with a cat and mouse on it.
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These days I use the debit card so much that the only time I use checks is to pay bills. I used to go for all kinds of neat checks. Now I just get whatever the credit union is dishing out for 10 bucks a box.
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God Bless ihe inventor of the debit card! All bow to the creator of the debit card! I really only use checks to pay bills now too - but when it is check getting time - I get the cheapos from the bank! Plain old green ones with no design.
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I'm with you, Deb. The debit card has my undying devotion. I particularly love how I can get cash back with a purchase. It seems as though the check is becoming more and more of a dinosaur. I was reading a sign in Wal-Mart recently explaining new software they have in which your check is scanned by the register, then voided and returned to you. You sign some little slip generated by the register, like with a credit card purchase. Supposedly, this is to reduce your personal information being spread about.
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I'm the same way. If Wells Fargo didn't charge so much for online bill pay, I'd never write checks. The $6.50 per month outweighs the postage, to mail out the few bills that I have: monthly credit card, quarterly car insurance. I just hand Bill my monthly expense check.

Those kitty checks WERE awfully cute, though. Two boxes would last me several years.
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Checks come in handy sometimes for me. A lot of my bills I pay on-line....... In fact, the only one I dont pay on-line is my home equity because they havent set it up like that. Oh, and then of course, there is the home owner's association fee, too, that only takes checks.
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