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Max is off to the vet tomorrow

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Well I think it is time to get my Sheltie dog Max looked at. He is just slowing down so much. We adopted him 4 years ago and they guess him to be 4 so that would make him at least 8, but we think he might be older. He just acts like an old dog, slow, hard time getting up steps, sits funny. Maybe a hip problem I don't know. We are having bloodwork done and a general checkup and anything else the vet recommends. He is also overweight, he has been on a researched and vet recommended diet for a year now and seems to be gaining weight. Even though some days he barely eats at all. He is really inactive, he will go on walks but I have had him lay down in the street once or twice just during a quick walk around the block. He also sits funny on his legs like they are sore or something. Arthiritis? It seems he sometimes has a tough time pooping too. He will be all in pooping position for longer then normal and wil barely go or will have to go again shortly afterwards.

Poor guy. I hope he is just old and doesn't have any major health issues, but I am worried about his hip/leg problem where he sits funny and has a hard time getting up steps.

Wish him luck!
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Awww poor Max ... I hope everything goes well for the both of you tomorrow.
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poor Max! I hope everything goes well. please keep us updated!
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How is Max - how did it go?
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Well the vet thinks he has some hip problems. Dysplasia or whatever it's called maybe. The vet put him on antiinflammatories for 10 days. He says if the meds work then he needs to have his liver tested. Otherwise he does recommend bloodwork done and gave us an estimate of $60-$90. We are going to bring him back in after the 10 days medication is up, if he needs his liver tested then we will do that but especially to just have regular blood tests done to make sure everything is running normally.

The vet also pointed out that he is really overweight which we know. He weights 38lbs when he should be about 25-30 I think. He said it will be difficult for him to lose the weight just like people (he estimates Max is about 9 years old btw), he is inactive and sleeps a lot which will make it even harder for him to lose weight. He just said to continue feeding him good senior food (Nutro) and add a little wet in there, and keep on the veggies as treats and with dinner and don't give him treats which we don't. He basically said we are doing great on the food. Just try to get him moving around mroe often. Make him go letch pieces of kibble whewn it is dinner time.
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Heres some info on dysplasia ....poor Max ..... I hope the anti inflam meds help him.

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Does sound like leg/hip problems. And being overweight is not helping. Hope he checks out ok and if any problems, they can resolve them with medication.

8 yrs is middle age for shelties - they should be living to teens being a smaller dog.

Let us know what you find out
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