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Can't find 1 month old kitten, did mom eat her?

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She is one month old and we looked all over...are cats capable of eating there 1 month old kitty?
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I am not sure about eating her but i highly doubt it. I would be more concerned about it being stuck somewhere or might be sick or injured and cant come to you. When was the last time you saw it?
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I think she just fell asleep in a corner somewhere. Look all over again, and listen for her crying. You may need to keep the kittens in one room for their safety.
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Any luck yet?
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Mom would not eat a month old kitten. The kitten is probably hiding or stuck somewhere - at a month old, they can get in very tiny places. Check under and behind all furniture, appliances, any small space that a kitten could hide.

Also check lower drawers, cabinets, etc.
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Good luck! Mine are almost 4 weeks old and those little buggers sure can get around. Don't worry, they have short attention spans and like to fall asleep in the middle of playing. They sleep for hours(as I'm sure you know), but she ought to cry when she is hungry. Check all the chairs and couches before sitting in any of them because it may have gotten inside and if you sit down you may very easily crush it.
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Is momma concerned or looking for her?
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Ack, did you ever find the baby!?
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Yes,It would be great if you could let us know if you found the poor baby
I've been thinking about her too,Would the missing kitten be the same kitten that you thought was blind?

I pray you did find her.
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I hope they found it too! If not it's a pretty sure bet that after all this time it's dead
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Last Our FOSTER kittens were "dissapearing" (2 of the 6) and one night, they were missing, we thought MAYBE they had snuck out when we went outside?! we looked everywhere for them!

We looked,searched under the couch..i was in tears worrying about the babies... I went to bed around 2AM...with no sign of them..My younger brother woke me up that morning at 6 AM, and said they were in the cage with the rest of them...i was shocked, I couldnt' figure out where they had gone, or what had happened to them!!

The next day, we let them kittens out for playtime...and once again, 2 of them dissapeared, while I was in the room, I could not find them anywhere, I bent down to pick up the cat bed to see if they were UNDER it..and all of a sudden a box JUMPED UP...and out the 2 kittens popped! they were hiding inside of the box!!

The little turds can hide just about anywhere!
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4 weeks old is a good age to start teaching them the "kitty kitty" call (can be seen in other posts) to get them to come when you need them!
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