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Pictures of New Kittens

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Hi everyone, I think I figured it out.

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ok maybe not.

Any tips on how to load photos?
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From Posting Tips

On most forums, you can add pictures to your posts.

The VB code tag used is the IMG tag and like all Tags it comes in square brackets. For the examples set here I will use regular round brackets, but remember to change them into square ones.

In order to post a picture you need to have an image file stored somewhere on the web. This can be in your personal homepage or in one of the online photo albums sites. (Photobucket.com is one commonly used site).

Now, each file on the internet has its own URL (web address). You don't usually see it as the web page "calls" the image file from its URL and presents it as a picture. To find the URL for a specific image, simply right-click on it with your mouse and select "properties". You'll get several lines of data, one of them being the image's address or URL.

You can try it right now, by clicking on the site's logo image at the top of this page and selecting properties. You'll see that the image's URL is: http://www.thecatsite.com/images/logo.gif
By the way, the extention is usually your best way of identifying image files. They almost always have either a .gif or a .jpg extention.

Now that you have the URL for a picture that is stored online, paste it into your post (select it on the properties tab and hit ctrl+c to copy and then ctrl+v to paste in your post). Now we're almost done...

Add the letters IMG in square brackets before the image's URL and then add /IMG in square brackets after the URL.

Your line should look like this:

Now, if I write it properly in square brackets [ ], this is what we get:


And you might also want to check out: Important Threads for Newbies

Good luck!
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Brilliant, thanks for that. That was really really helpful. Thanks so much.

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I can only see the first pic, but they are really
beautiful! Look at them, all in a row - very orderly!
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Aww presicus they won't stay like that for long will be running around and climbing ur curtin's b4 u know it lol
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Awwwww...nice variety.
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