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litter box

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OK I dont think that this is so much of my cat behaving in a way..but when he uses the litter box, he tracks litter all over the house. I have tried putting a rug under it and in front to catch it, but it dont work! He gets it everywhere. We got a covered box to see if that would help, but it didnt. Please tell me what yall do to stop this!
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I usually use a rug and then one of the kitty mats with what looks like little plastic pins on it. The flat ones dont work worth a dang. The other thing I use with the cat boxes in the closet is the sections of mat that people use in dog kennels. They also work great for outdoor mats. They are a bit raised so the litter is trapped undeneath and when you clean you just vacuum the litter or sweep it.
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What kind of litter do you use? My cats use a wood litter that does not track anywhere until it breaks down to sawdust, at which time you throw it away. It neutrilizers cat urine, which is why I like it. All my cats use it - it is very similar to Feline Pine which can be bought commercially at Stop and Shop. There are some cats who don't like it (Donna liked it but one of her cats did not) but if the cat will use it, your tracking problems are over. Also, it is biodegradable and you can compost it if you have a garden!
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We were using just some brand of litter. Im not quite sure what the brand was, but it came in a bucket. The other day we bought some of that crystal kind. It is doing better than the gravel litter was. I havent found any of it yet.
Thanks for the advice!
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I have tried that mat with the "spines" - well my little one barely touched it going in, I think he just floated over it, and jumped over it going out. Playing with it was another story all together (Go figure). Now I keep an rechargeable electric broom in the bathroom and go after it asap - well I guess that is part of being a Mom.
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Dustbusters and hand-held steam carpet cleaners - GOTTA LOVE 'EM!!
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