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cabinets have doors now- PIC

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My kitchen doors and molding are installed. now i can tile ( it's a vibrant abstract mountain scene) and Saturday the counter mounted pot filler faucet is being installed. Then a few more doors have to be reinstalled and I am ready for anything --- foodwise. The fourth pic is the kitchen before we loved in. We added cabinets. changed (4 burners and a griddle) and relocated the cooktop, added a powerful hood, made the island two levels with wood on one side and soapstone on the other, and modified a store potrack to stretch over the large windows. I served as general contractor - to save A LOT of money - and was really lucky that I found a series of outstanding and creative craftsmen ( word of mouth really works) to do each part of the job.
Sorry if it looks dark, this is the NW
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the window wall w the pot rack. now I will stop, but can you tell how excited I am?
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Hey Diana!
Nicely picĀ“s
you have a great Kitchen is wonderful!
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It looks great, Ilove the tiles.
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Great job! I love soapstone and that's a great idea for your spice location!

And yes, I do probably know how excited you are since I'm doing a full house renovation. Every item we renovate I get more and more excited! The bathroom will be our next renovation and right after that will be the kitchen. We are actually relocating the kitchen to another room so I'll be very happy when we're finished it. I've already started collecting pictures of my future kitchen but it probably won't be completed until 2007/2008.
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It is exciting to finish stages in renovations.
I remember those tiles! I think it's looking great, and those tiles will really add a splash of colour.
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Your kitchen is gorgeous, you have every right to be extremely proud!! The kitchen was the very first thing i gutted when i moved into my house. It looks like you are ready to cook up a storm!!
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I am sooo impressed. You have done a wonderful job. I love the tiles. I hope you enjoy your beautiful kitchen for years to come. There is just something about cooking in a nice kitchen that makes is so much more enjopyable.
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