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Major issues with Tom

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I had already e-mailed a behaviourist today as his spraying is getting out of control, and he came home covered in oil tonight, which I thought odd. 10 mins later, had a knock on the door, someone who lives on the street behind me asking if I knew of a large black and white cat wiht a collar on (they know I foster, so I always get asked if they want to know who a cat belongs to!!), so I said it sounded like Tom, she came in and looked, and confirmed it. Apparently he has been going on their street beating the two male cats up, but ignores the female cat. The other day he had one of them pinned to the floor, and biting him (never seen him do anything like that, he is normal more vocal than vicious), and tonight her cat has come home with a rip in his ear. I have got the rescue to agree to us covering the bill for this latest one, but obviously something needs to be done - in a way I am surprised it has taken him so long, the cat he has attacked tonight has lived round here nearly as long as Tom. She has suggested ringing the vet, but when i spoke to her the other week (Tom was left there to check for cystitis, he is clear - and according to blood tests, perfectly healthy), all she could suggest is hormone tabs, which I was trying to avoid by using Feliway and RR, but I have given him a tab tonight, and i am going to ground him tomorrow - although last time I did that, he sprayed in front of me. I have got her to agree to contacting a paper for an appeal, she is wary in case we get cranks replying, but she thought that about the rehoming page, and it hasn't. I just dont know what else we are going to do with him, we have him advertised on two internet sites, posters at 2 vets and I will be going to the local pet shop this week to drop a poster off, the spraying is getting an issue, and at times it is like he is doing it to punish me (I slept in till 7.30 on Sat, so he sprayed up the curtains). Any advice/tips??
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He IS neutered?
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Larke, as our OP is at work, yes he is neutered!

I don't know if you've seen the Seren-Um drops and tablets? They are herbal anti anxiety remedies that you can get from Jollye's etc. I use these for Molly when she's having a issues!

There's another one, too, that I can't remember the name of off hand! Remind me and I'll find out for you!

It certainly sounds very behavioral, but I have no idea why it would be becoming so much worse now? Do you think it could have anything to do with Tigger and Martha being there?

Perhaps it is forming into a habbit? Have you tried Simple Solution on all the spray areas? I can always bring some over for you and we can drench everything!
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Cheers Sar!! If he isn't neutered, it hasn't been picked up in his numerous vet visits!! All my vet can suggest is Feliway and hormone tabs, which I have, so I contacted my old vet who have a behaviourist, and hopefully that wont be too expensive. I have some kind of homeopathic thing here, no idea who gave it me!! I can only assume it is due to the cage as I have had 6 cats before and he hasn't done this, Martha has been here nearly 9 weeks, and Tiger about 5, so I dismantled it this morning, and upset Tiger by putting her in the kitchen when I opened the door - although Tom is grounded today, so the door wasn't left open. I haven't used Simple Solution, but have used an Odour Eliminator bought from the vets, and a mix of a bit of hte old OE, eucalyptus oil (rescues suggestion) and surgical spirit, plus black bags on the walls and foil on the floor. If you think SS will work better, feel free to pop over!! I have someone looking at Martha on Sat, so hopefully that will ease things.
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I'll definitely bring up the bottle and spray when I come over, we'l see if it makes a difference at all!

Hopefully with the cage gone, Tom'll feel better about the set up!

Oh that's brilliant that someone is coming to see Martha! I hope she finds her forever home!

Aren't you supposed to be working?!
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Cheers. Tiger isn't happy about hte cage going at all, that was her little securtiy, and she was used to going in for her food, and while mine went out, so she is looking a bit lost at the moment!!

I do hope so!!

I had to pop home at lunch, as i had left my lunch and the number of the neighbours (who I was ringing to say that we would cover the vets bills) at home!!! It hasn't been a good day today!!
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Grrr - me and Tom were playing this morning (I was supposed to be snoozing!!), and after a while of playing, he tried to spray up my curtain (not the one he normally goes for htough, so maybe all the stuff I have sprayed is working) - daft part was, there was only me and him on the bed, i thought he was enjoying his play session, and then he does that!!
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Didn't sound like the best of days for you yesterday and for Tom to start today off like that!!! I hope things go smoother for the rest of the day!

Awww poor Tiger losing her little home! I'm sure she'll adjust soon and forget that she even had to be enclosed away!

Hmm, it does sound like it's working, but for him to choose another place - especially during play time is weird!

Has he been taking the anti anxiety bits?
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Beware if the hormone tabs are Ovaban. These are highly likely to cause a lethal form of diabetes in male cats. Ovaban does tend to calm aggressive males, but you do have to keep in mind the potentially serious side-effects.
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Not really, it is just one of those weeks I think!!

I do hope so!!

Well, he is a weird cat!!

lotsocats - he is on Ovarid, 1/4 tab twice a week - I am not happy about it, but pretty much all the vet can suggest, other than Feliway. The behaviourist hasn't rang me back yet, but both bosses are out for a couple of hours tomorrow, so I will try ringing her then.
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I hope you get to speak to the behaviourist today and get some insight into why Tom is doing this!
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Finally got to speak to the behaviourist - the receptionist forgot to pass the message on!! She is sending me a questionnaire that I have to fill in, and we see where to go from there.
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