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Another cat ?

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I need your guidance on this one please.

My fathers cat needs a new home. She has lived with him as a house cat for about 7 years and has been an only cat. At the moment she is in a cattery awaiting placement in a rescue centre.

She is a little sweetie with only 3 legs. But my dilema is this should i take her in and risk my 3 being upset by this stranger in the house, and the fact that i will not be able to keep her inside (my cats have access to the outdoors when we are home) or do i leave her to her fate and hope that she finds a new home and not be put to sleep?

I cant bear the thought of that happening but how do you think she would react to having a multi-cat house to deal with after so long and do you think a 3-legged cat would be ok if she chose to go out?

I really dont know what to do, i dont want Jake, Jaz and Izzy to be upset but then i dont want Tigger to be homeless. Perhaps i am fretting too much and she will find a very good new home as an only cat ?

Any advice or experiences appreciated.
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I think it'd take some time, but the 3 cats would accept the newcomer eventually - or at least get to the point where they're not aggressive towards her

Our kitty lost a leg at 10, and still went outside quite happily - when he wants to run, you'd never know he was missing a leg. He stayed around home a lot more once he'd lost a leg, and you'd probably find once she was comfortable in her new home, she would just choose to stay indoors anyway.

If you take her and see how she goes and she does not fit in with your cats, or you think she goes outside too much and is in danger, then at least you can say you tried, and maybe find a new home for her yourself, rather than through a shelter?
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There are plenty of great threads here about introducing a new cat. Since Tigger is your father's cat, I'd think that it'd be a great comfort to him to know that she has been placed within the family. As for going outside, that's a toughie - only you know your neighborhood and the risks to your particular area. There is also a risk of placing Tigger in the shelter, too, as you can't guarantee that she will find a new home or that she will adjust well to shelter life - I've seen some pretty dispirited cats in shelters, it's heartbreaking But if you really feel it isnt right, then ask for some prayers and vibes that Tigger finds a great home real soon! Tough decision, and I will back you whichever way that you decide Susan
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
- or at least get to the point where they're not aggressive towards her
She might not ever get along with other cats. But that isnt very common. Most cats learn to at least avoid each other and live peacefully. I have a cat that doesnt. She will attack my other 3 the second she see's them. She will run out of my room and go after them. She's lived with other cats her whole life and never got along with one of them. She tolerated my old cat Sweetie Pie. But even with her she would sometimes not like her and try to beat her up. But Lily is usually content to stay in her room away from the other cats and dogs. Most cats arent like her though. I would definatly take her. Why leave her in the shelter? Even if you dont feel like you cankeep her forever take her in and find her a new home.
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Thankyou for your advice, I was concerned that i was letting my heart rule my head.

Its Tiggers welfare and my own cats that i am worried about. But it is good to know Sarah that your cat managed ok outside. My cats are only allowed out when we are home, they dont have access all the time, so we would be able to keep an eye on her.

There aren't any stray dogs around so she is very unlikely to be chased other than by another cat, but even then we dont see many other cats as Jake, Izz and Jaz tend to keep them away.

Unfortunately i have no control over which shelter she would end up in so i am worried that she might go somewhere which doesn't keep animals until they are homes. Cats protection has a policy of non-destruction on healthy cats but there is no gaurantee that is where she will end up.

Thats a good point about taking her in, see how she gets on and if it doesnt work out perhaps we could find her a good home.
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Awww poor Tigger! I really do think you should take her in - at least on a trial basis!

Pebbles (booktigger's three legged kitty) goes outside when she's home! Although, I'd be inclined to think that as Tigger has been an indoor cat for so long, she'll more than likely choose for it to stay that way!

I'm sure Jake, Jaz and Izzy will adjuct to their new sister in time and Tigger will do the same too!
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Ok i have contacted social services and told them we will give Tigger a home.

Just waiting for the lady dealing with it to get back to me with the details.

Thanks for the support guys. Will get her booked in for vaccinations and a general health check up when she arrives at her new home

Have to sort out the spare room for her to settle in for a while. Been some time since i have had to go through the introduction process !
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I'm so pleased that Tigger has a lovely home to come to!

I'm sure everything will work out wonderfully for you all!

Don't worry, we're all here for hints and tips on the introductions!
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I hope everything will turn out ok

Should get the details today and maybe collect Tigger this evening or tomorrow. We have a spare room for her so that the exchange of scent can be done. I think we will be able to block off the front gate so that she cannot get out of the garden to the front of the house.

Jake has his own well worn escape routes so it shouldn't affect his comings and goings, he can still patrol his patch

We are going on holiday in a fee weeks so i will have to get the vaccinations sorted quicky, i dont think she has ever had any being an indoor cat but she will have to have them done as she will be going into a cattery with the others soon.

Its exciting getting another cat, its fate i suppose they always seem to find us all the waifs and strays
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Awww! I hope you can collect her today!

I think she's going to love her new home! It definitely is fate - plus four is a good number too!
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Well by co-incidence she is in the cattery at our vets.

As Jaz already has an appointment for her boosters tomorrow i will be bringing Tigger home then. The vets have already started her course of vaccinations which is handy just means all i have to do is take her in for the final course in a couple of weeks time.

I need to sort her out a litter tray and bed, other than that its all systems go

I will post some piccies as soon as i can.
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It definitely sounds like Tigger was destined to join your family!

That's excellent that the vets have started the vaccinations, it will mean you'll have her fully vaccinated sooner rather than later!

I can't wait to see pictures of your new baby!
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I think you should take her, but then you should lock her up in a room for about two weeks until she gets used to the scent of the house before you can ever let her outside.
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