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This is my beautiful little boy Dante. He is (from my opinion) around 7-8 weeks old (according to the breeder i got him at 9 weeks old.. which was two weeks ago... i doubt that)

Despite obvious discrepance problems with the breeder, he is now a healthy active kitty.

Dante relaxing under my coffee table

So innocent looking

Okay! I surrender!

Oh these evil blankets!

Apparantly, I make a very good and comfy bed
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He is beautiful
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What a sweet little boy!!!! He looks like he'll be a wonderful companion
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He's so precious!! I love the 'surrender' picture!
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Dante is beautiful !!!! I named a stray cat a few months ago, who was adopted, Dante ... I LOVE that name ....
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The surrender picture is one of my favourites too (i have to say one since i have about 5 million pictures of him.. its impossible to choose only one lol). He's so affectionate, I'm so happy to have him!
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Dante your gorgeous sweetie!! I could kiss that little nose to pieces
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aww...........look at that baby ...aww......way too cute............
give him s smudgy kiss from me
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