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We have had cleo (8 weeks), a week and she and tigger (17 weeks) are getting on really well. though cleo has started to be very defensive with her treats, she growls at anyone who goes near her when she has a treat and tries to give them a swipe, but when shes given her food shes totally fine and cleo and tigger often share the same bowl.

My partner feels this is natural, and finds its amusing, which i dont.

Is this normal and is there anything we can do to try and stop cleo from doing this.
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Its normal. She will probablly grow out of it as she realizes no one wants her treat !!
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She'll likely grow out of it. Kittens have so few ways to defend themselves, and females possibly even less, so let her do her thing for now and once she feels more secure - always give her her own bowl, don't allow Tigger to come near until she's had her fill, and don't put her in a situation where she has to defend it - she should be fine. She's just a baby for heaven's sake - give her a chance.
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They both have their own food bowl, she has no problems when they have their food, when we put down thier food ( 2 bowls) she sometimes goes and eats from tiggers, they are totally fine, its when i give her treats she acts so defensive.

Im pretty sure aswell that she will grow out of it, i just wanted second opinions.

Thanks for you advice pami.
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Your Welcome. Since shes a baby and has only been there a week and obviously LOVES her treats, shes just making sure it is known this is HER TREAT !!
We all love to see pics, if you have any of your babies.
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Of course we have some pics to share. We tend to take some new ones everyday, just can't get enough of them.
Here is Cleo
And Tigger
And they seem to be quite comfortable with each other

But we can’t stop laughing at some of our pics
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Oh my goodness Im in love Both of them are just adorably cute !!!! I love those last two pics .... those faces are just hilarious !!!
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They are really lovely kittens, and with time they should be getting along just fine.
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