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Yesterday Cooter went to the Bridge. Eight years ago one of my neighbors found him in their backyard. He had been abused (vet said his teeth were bashed in either by accident or on purpose) and he had had a beating.

These nice neighbors have been taking in strays and once they had a stream of dumped cats, some they kept in their yard b/c they are too scared of people but they care for their small colony most lovingly.

Cooter (no idea how old he was, 9 or 10 yrs) was the most friendly, he had to be fed creamy food because he had no teeth so the lady cooked and made formulas for him.

He declined lately but the vet couldn't find anything wrong and yesterday he died. It is sad but he had 8 good years with this people so in balance I think he was lucky, he knew love and that's far more than other dumpees get

RIP Cooter
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Condolences on the loss of Cooter - it sounds like he was treasured by all the neighbors You are right, at least he knew what it was to belong somewhere, in a safe place, with love and good care - and he had lots of love to light the path to over the Bridge.
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Oh good grief that poor baby, what he's went through in the beginning

Bless all your hearts for looking after these babies.

Cooter sweetie, as you walk across Rainbow Bridge, all TCS cats and kittens will be there at the other end to meet you to take you to your new home. Have a wonderful time over the bridge Cooter, but keep looking down on the ones who cared for you

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RIP sweet Cooter
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What an amazing cat story. Rest in peace dear Cooter. You were a blessed cat tohave someone find you and love you for the rest of your life. Hugs to this precious family who took you in and looked after your every need.
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Rest in peace, Cooter. I'm glad you found a happy home to spend your final years. Condolences on the loss of such a special kitty.
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Rest in peace Cooter. Remember to look down on all who loved you so much, and miss you right now.
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