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SATURDAY Daily thread.........

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Good morning everyone, and Happy Saturday!

It is a gloomy day here, and expected to be hot and humid. I had to get up early to get ready for our family reunion! It is always so much fun seeing all the relatives on my dad's side. They come from all over the country each year. We have done this as a family for 107 years! Now that is a lot of get-togethers. His family originated from Scotland and came here to America in the early 1700's.
We have a bag pipe concert planned, lots of singing and lots of food! YIPPEE! I hope that everyone here has a great a day as I am going to have!
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Wow, Deb. That sounds fantastic! My dad, who is of British decsent. loved the bagpipes. We never had reunions because most of the family is still in "the old country".

Well, today HAS to be better than yesterday, because I have not started out the day with a major computer crash. I spent the better part of yesterday picking up the pieces of that. Thinga are still not totally back to normal. I have a lot of applications to reinstall, but at least I am functioning.

Today is chore day around here. I have major laundry to get done, as well as changing the oil on the car. Four tiny little days of summer vacation left. Where did it go? Last thing I clearly remember, it was 4th of July. I am starting a new job at school this year....no longer a classroom teacher, but tons of new responsibilities to learn. I'm nervous, but excited.

Have a good day all.
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Wow Debra, sounds like a GREAT time!!!Yes, it's gloomy here too, but a nice break from the heat wave. It's nice to open the windows and air the house out.
Deb....no need to be nervous. I am sure you are going to pick everything up really quick!!
I actually slept until about 9 this morning. I must have been really tired. All I am doing today is picking up the house, going to wal mart and then to a friends for dinner. I am still trying to get back on track from the time changes!! We are now down to one last kitten leaving. He is going to his new home tomorrow. So far, ALL of the new parents have been outstanding. I am SO happy for these little kittens and thier new families. It was sad to say goodbye, but at the same time, I know they will bring these families the same joy they brought us. Of course, we are keeping 4 of them...LOL. Have a GREAT Saturday everyone!!
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Well, it seems to be British day at the DT! I have met only a few of my family too, because they're still in the old country. My mother used to take us all to the Highland Games though, and that kept tradition alive. There were bagpipe and dance competitions and the traditional games, like the throwing of the caber. My daughter and I still go on occasion. Have a great day, Debra; I wish I could crash the party. I do a very mean Scottish accent!
Deb, congratulations on your new job, but won't you miss teaching? Will you be a counselor or in administration? Like you, I can't believe how quickly this summer went. Of course it goes even faster when you're teaching.
Western PA will be hot and muggy today too.
By the way, please keep praying for the trapped miners. I have the local news on all the time, in hopes that I will hear something hopeful. That mine is about 40 miles from here. Of course, that shouldn't make a difference, but somehow, when it's that close to home, it becomes that much more important!
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My official title is Lead Teacher. It's a position paid for with federal monies, as we are a Title I school (for those of you not in the business: my school receives federal funding because we have a high percentage of low-income families....in our case about 90%). In the past the postition has been used largely as a 3rd administrator. This year, of course, just as I step in, my role includes that stuff and also a role as a resource teacher to our intermediate staff. So, in effect, I will be doing what I was doing and taking on other responsibilities. I suppose I will miss the student contact, but this is a direction I want my career to take, as I just completed my master's degree in administration this summer. Graduation is officially on August 10th. So this fall I will begin interviewing for administrative positions anyway.
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I think I liked it better when I was on limited rest! =) I got up early this morning, and mucked out stalls, picked up both pastures and moved a ton of manure. Thank the good Lord for tractors! I played with the horses before turning Trav out in the good stuff. Racer is on a strict diet right now, he weighs to much and seems to get fat on air! He just turned 5 and weighs 1174 pds and stands right now at 15.2 hh. So he is pouting in the dry paddock with minimal hay. I just bought a book called Backyard Dressage by Mary Twelveponies, and am looking to start Racer learning some new stuff soon. Gets kind of boring doing the same thing over and over.

Then I came inside, and Mike was still snoring away, so I fed the kitties, and McKenzie and her kits, scrubbed litter boxes and played with the kits for awhile. McGilly has a new trick and now when we get dressed, we find we have a kitten klingon grabbing the bottom of our clothes and leaping up at moving targets. She is already a skilled huntress of flies and flying bugs, her leaps are amazing! McKenzie has been introduced to the outside colony and she spends about 4 hours outside then comes back in to be with her kits. She seems to be fascinated by the fish in the creek and I caught her yesterday sitting on the banks watching fascinated as these small fry swam past her.

We are getting ready to lay a fence trail in the back and extend the horse pasture, so I will be cutting blackberry bushes today and there are a ton of them out there!

Debra your reunion sounds like fun and a lot of work! I would love to hear the bagpipe concert.

And Deb good luck with your new job. I have no doubt that you will be marvelous at it! It will be a nice change for you and by golly with all your schooling, you darn well deserve this new position!

Sandie, glad the kitties are going to good homes. Are you going to post pics of Mischief at the show? Or were none taken?

And Jeanie, yes prayers are flying for the trapped miners and their families as well as that poor family in Missouri yesterday whose daugher vanished and a few hours later the body was found. =( So sad how dangerous this world has become of late.

Take care all- have a good and safe weekend!
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Been raining, most of the day. I got to sleep until 8:00! Did the grocery run and I'm goofing off, until time to go to work.

The jeweler came through, with my ring. Bill came to the store, at my break time and put it on my finger. He had told the guy that, if my ring wasn't ready, he was going to send me to live at HIS house, until it was! The girls at work are SOOOO jealous! Will post a pic ASAP.

Have a good weekend, all.
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I have summer orientation today for incoming freshmen. I just finished advising the incoming psychology majors and have an hour before I have to get to the student union building for registration. Although I would rather not work on a Saturday, I do enjoy meeting the new students -- they are soooo nervous and excited!

I'm having a craving for Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia, so I'll stop by the grocery store on my way home....I'm drooling already!
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Apartment shopping today. Yup, this sucks. We went to one community that we really, really like, but hubby says the one we can actually afford is too small. The other one we like isn't available, and that leaves one that is OK, but really too expensive. And of course, he leaves it all to me to tell the girl yes or no. I also tried to be honest about our financial situation, i.e. I had a bankruptcy, so that if they won't even consider us they can say so up front, instead of us wasting the $70 application fee. Well, that made him/us look bad, so I got chastised for that. I am also supposed to call all these places we were going to stop by so "the same thing doesn't happen again at those places." Meaning, so we don't have to tell them that we can't afford it. I get so sick of him being so freaking concerned with how some stranger perceives him. What do I care if they think I am cheap or broke? I'm not going to see them again! GRRRR.

Anyway, I just stopped by here to relieve some stress while he is out. Hope everyone's weekend is going better than mine so far!
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Hello! Hot and sunny here today! A friend from England is staying with me, and we gadded off to neighbouring France, to visit the Saturday morning market at Chamonix. We found several interesting bargains, had a delicious lunch on a terrace (with all the other tourists ), then drove back the long way, via Annemasse, Thonon and Evian, stopping at a huge supermarket on the way to buy supplies for the weekend and treats for the cats & kittens!

When we got home, Keruval saw to the kittens and their mothers, while I went down to clean for the downstairs cats, give them a groom and a cuddle, ask them how their day had been, and tell them about mine! A pretty good day on the whole - tomorrow will be a lying-about, cuddling-cats, reading-and-chatting-day!

Esme :icecream:
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Hi all!
Had my first jam making experience today. It was awesome! (I am embarrased to admit that I had no idea how easy it was!!!). We made 26 jars of raspberry jam and 2 pies. ALso made a dish of raspberry sauce for an ice cream treat later! Yum! Hope it all ends up tasting good.

Debra, in two weeks, we have The Highland Games in Maxville, Ontario. It is a blast! When the Mass Bands march out, there is no way that this doesn't leave anyone speechless. I haven't been to the games in a couple years but people flock down to visit from all over the world, especially Scotland. Let me know if any of you head down this way!

Jeanie: special prayers on the way. People in Ontario are praying. It's in every local paper out here, we're a small world with many big hearts. The miner's are in our thoughts. Sending an angel.

Heidi, hang in there. Everything happens for a reason and you will find the perfect place for you and hubby. Hope your week-end brightens up.

Cindy, glad you got your ring! Alls well that ends well!

Deb, your new job sounds exciting. Hope it goes well!

Hissy, how sad I had read about this missing child in the papaer but they said nothing about the body being found. There was even a picture. She looked like such a sweetheart. My heart aches for the parents. And like you say...this world is becoming way too dangerous.

Well....back to the cleaning! My hubby is taking me and the boys our for a day trip tomorrow. We hardly have time to spend together this time of year because on top of working all week, he also has his dump trucks that run on week-ends/evenings and this time of year is the busy time. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow but it makes tonight a little more busy because I have 2 days of cleaning to complete in a few hours...

Have a good week-end all!
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