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can you explain this?

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fang, spike and Pansy, three young males, get fed thier wet food at the same time, and spike and pansy gobble up what they want. Spike gives it the peeuu, bury it with the front paw routine, so I put it on the counter. Then he comes back in 20 minutes later, others are finished and begs me for it and slowly eats it all when I put it down. His history is one of a homeless street cat rescued and neutered around 9 months old, lived out in the freezing winter, broken tooth,brittle fur, frost bite and perhaps abused, because he cowered when I first got him. Now his fur is nice and soft and he is a sweetie.
Why does he delay in eating his food? Do you think he really does not like it, but realizes thats all there is?
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Maybe he doesn't like it? Have you given him other choices? Do you or your kids only ever eat stuff you either don't like or have to eat all the time? Cats have different tastes just like people. He's eating it, but slowly, because he has to eat, but it doesn't mean he likes it.
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It also could just be his "way" to eat, by himself and slowly.
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well, when I say slowly, I mean he doesn't wolf it down like the other two. He takes his time and usually licks the bowl clean. I found that cats would starve first, rather than eat something they don't like, but maybe he isn't crazy about it. However, we are limited in our choices of premium foods because I have a limit as to how much I will spend per can. Right now we either eat trader Joes, or the big can of science diet, plus limited dry. I always give the wet first, then put out the dry. I was thinking maybe his way had something to do with him being a street cat and somehow he was trying to fake out the other two? DUNNO thought someone would.
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I know with my cats, if they dont like it, they will not eat it, period !! I would think that would pretty much go for any indoor spoiled kitty. But since he was outside and had a troubled past, he may be just eating to eat. I would keep feeding him the same food since hes done so well on it and just let him eat later, like he likes.
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Chynna loves wet food and cleans her dish, and Abby's too! Chynna is a slow eater and sits there leisurely eating until it's all gone.

Abby on the other hand hates wet food. She licks up whatever sauce happens to be on the edge and leaves the meat pieces behind, and after about a half dozen licks she "buries" it. Abby is a really picky eater and will only eat Waltham W/D Feline dry food. She doesn't even like cat treats, canned tuna or salmon either.
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Andy prefers to eat when the others are not around. Covering the food (just like they would cover their poo is how some of the various species of cats stash their chow for later, esp. if pests such as coyotes, raccoons, vultures, etc. are around) might be an indication that he's worried that the other two will try to take his food - Andy came from a yard full of cats (not strays, just irresponsible owners who fail to get their cats neutered) and I think that is the psychology behind it. Spike had such a rough kittenhood he probably pinches himself each morning to make sure that his current situation is for real, not just wishful dreaming. You are such a hero to make his life a happy one!
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