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yet another question re: kitten introduction

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Hi, my husband and I currently own a 1 yr old cat, and are thinking of adding a kitten in the hopes that they become buddies. I've read various threads and the sticky thread for introducing cats here and completely understand that introductions has to be slow. But I still have a few questions and I guess I'm still a bit apprehensive and worried about the process. I'm hoping someone here who has been in the same situation could let me know if what I plan to do is okay:

We currently live in a small 1 bedroom/I bathroom apartment. Access to the bathroom is inside the bedroom. It is quite small with no windows so our plan is to have the new kitten stay in the bedroom instead, while the resident cat have the rest of the apartment. We plan to have Feliway plug-ins.

However, our resident cat sleeps besides us on the bed. We would hate for him to feel banished so I plan to have my husband sleep in the living room with the resident cat, while I sleep in the bedroom with the new kitten and/or vice versa. Do you guys think this is a good idea?

Also, my husband and I will be working/going to school as usual so we'll be gone during the day. Will they be fine by themselves, especially the new kitten, during the day? (separated of course).

Of course there are the other worries of having an active kitty to train again as our 1 yr old has finally mellowed out a little and we can finally get a little rest at night . I'm having thoughts of "what are we getting ourselves into?" and "will our resident cat hate us?"

Anyone out there added a cat in a tiny place with an already existing cat? How did it work out and was it stressful, for you and the cats?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Please do a forum search on "Ferris" and you can read my threads. I just added a new guy to my tiny apartment just under three weeks ago, and have had great success. Also, there is a pic of the cat tunnel I used to keep them separated for the first few days!
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OK, my situation was similiar. Oliver is about 3 yrs old and I recently brought in a kitten. I also have a small place, 1 bedroom/1 bath. It only took about two weeks for the 2 to adjust but I think I was very lucky.
The kitten (Stella) spent her time locked in the bathroom with everything she needed when I wasn't home or at night. This went on for about a week. Resident cat Oliver had the run of the house and still slept with me. When I was home and available to supervise, I let them both roam. Oliver would hiss but he was mostly scared of her. Eventually I realized that he wouldn't hurt her and let them both run free in the house. They're just fine. He has adopted her as his "baby" and they play very well together.
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Thanks for your input, GingersMom and Sidney109! I guess I'm just worrying myself too much. I hope I have the same luck as you guys and have them be best buds (or at least not kill each other) in just a couple of weeks.
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You're quite welcome. Addressing another of your questions, I wouldn't recommend that you change your sleeping habits just for the newcomer.

I brought home Ferris on a Thursday night, took the Friday off from work, kept the two separated by the kitty tunnel from Thursday night until Sunday afternoon, and got rid of the tunnel completely on Monday, labor Day. The four days at home with my kits was just right, and it was a calm and peaceful 4 days.

I was all worried about leaving the two of them alone together with the run of the house on the Tuesday, so I hurried home from lunch that day to find both of them completely passed out, and nothing amiss.

I was a bit worried at first that Ferris would keep me up at night the way Ginger did when she was a bitty baby kitty, but because Ferris has tons of toys and Ginger to keep him occupied at night, I haven't been bothered by him in the least!

While they aren't great friends yet, they seem to play together well enough, and I haven't had to break up any fights. Ginger gets a bit jealous, but she definitely doesn't hate me for it. Besides, I keep telling her that I got Ferris to keep her company and so she'd have someone to play with. I think deep down, she actually appreciates it. She just can't let on about it yet.

I say go for it, just be sure to have some time set aside to make the intros as slow and easy as possible, given the tight living quarters.

Let us know what happens!
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