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I need some serious help.
I am fostering 3 siblings, about 3 months old.
They are 2 girls and one boy. The boy is completely fine , alittle skittish, but fine.
The girls , are insaine. I know there are alot of post about this kind of stuff, and I have always been around cats, so I know the "normal" kitten playing, swatting , and biting.
This is not that, this is one step away from killer kujo..
Not that they are feral, because I know when I pet them to try to calm them down, it works for a while till they jump back up.
I have barely any skin left on my legs, feet. My back is terrible, the one just leeped from the coffee table over to the computer table where I was at, and stuck her claws into my chest/back and took a bite on my arm, so bad it bled..
I thought since they were adorable they would be first adopted, and I have people waiting for them.
I described it as they play rough, and alot. But howelse can I get them ready for their homes, and if they arent gonna wanna take them, I atleast need to be able to be here without thinking they are gonna do more damage to my body..
I thought about trying to seperate them, as when they are together they play, and get wired up..
I dont know what else to do, please help. Im almost scared to sit down anywhere, let alone walk, Im just a moving object to attack, and once again this isnt the walk past, and go after my feet like kittens do, this is the walk past, and jump from a table onto my face type of attack

They were at a shelter with their mommy before they came, so Im sure they didnt have as much social interaction as some do, but they still shouldnt act completely feral..

I have given them things to attack also, like stuffed animals, scratching posts, etc..They use them then come to me