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Upset tummy?

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Do cats occasionally just get an upset tummy like people can? I ask because Marlee is a little over a year old now, and I've never had her throw up with the exception of after she was wormed as a kitten. In the past few weeks, she has throw up twice. The first time was after she had eaten, and was just a tiny bit of barely digested food, and she seemed perfectly normal after. Yesterday evening she had been playing with Milo, then I heard her throw up in the kitchen. I went to check and it was just less than a teaspoon of clear frothy spit. Once again, no other signs or symptoms, right back to normal. Is this okay, or something I should be worried about? She seems to be eating and drinking normally, and playing all the time!
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I would call the vet ... Does she have cat grass>>??
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If it is only twice in the last couple of weeks I honestly do not think it requires a vet visit. Especially if everything else is normal. Eating, playing, normal stools etc. I'd keep an eye on her and if the vomiting is more frequent with other symptoms, a vet trip is definately a good idea.
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No, not cat grass, but I've been thinking about getting some. Her 1 year check up is coming up in about two weeks, so I was thinking since she is showing no other symptoms I may wait and ask then. But if she begins to act sick in any way, or changes her eating/drinking/playing/etc habits, I will absolutely be calling the vet.
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try giving her some cat grass...
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That's just going to make her barf more
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