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He's come a long way, baby!

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Ferris will have been with me just three weeks this Thursday, and I am amazed, on a daily basis, at just how far he has come from the terrified feral kitten he was just two weeks ago to the semi-feral lovebug he is turning into.

Last night, for the first time, he got onto the back of the couch while I was sitting on it, and put his little paw on my shoulder, begging for a bite of my cheesesteak sub! I gave him a little taste of steak, and he liked it SO much that he climbed down next to my lap and stuck his face into my sandwich! I put a stop to THAT pretty quick, but it was so cute to see!!!

He still won't get into my lap on his own, but he's learned that he can ask me for scritches by giving me a little meow and coming closer to me.

This morning, after I prepared his breakfast and called him into the kitchen (he knows his name and the word breakfast! ) instead of going right to his food dish like he usually does, he looked up at me, gave a teeny little meow, and walked over to me. I sat down on the floor, and he walked right up to my fingers, gave me a head butt and started nudging me for scritches!!!

Ginger is still a little jealous of him, and she seems to really enjoy sneak attacks, especially when he is trying to do his business in the litter box. She's such a brat! Fortunately, she's still her aloof yet lovey little self to me - unless I'm in the middle of petting Ferris, then I get a kitty "Harumph!" and an upturned nose as she walks away, flicking her tail at me and the "new guy."

I'm hoping to post some more pics in the coming weeks - he's starting a growth spurt. I'm taking him to the vet next Tuesday evening to check on his rear paw issue (weak hind legs) but he appears to be getting stronger daily. It may simply be that he was inhibited by the combination of living in a small cage with his siblings and eating lower quality food, not to mention poor nutrition during his first 8 weeks on earth living outside.

Again, I want to give a great big thanks to all those at TCS who sent vibes my way when I was hoping to adopt Ferris - I love him so much already!!! He makes me smile every day - I'm really enjoying seeing his personality develop as he learns to trust, and as he learns that he is in a very safe place where kitties get spoiled rotten!
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That's wonderful news!!!!

And yes, please post pictures
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That is great news....
Pictures please.....
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What wonderful news... I can't wait to see pictures!!
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Thats fantastic !!! You were very patient with Ferris that has helped tremendously. Its so nice to know he trusts you now. I cant wait to see pics, too !!!
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Awwww this post is so sweet and funny! It made me giggle! You're a wonderful furmommy!
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Awww, thank you guys!

Seriously, I think the absolute BEST tip that I learned here that has helped us to come so far is the thing about not looking directly into their eyes, or blink-kissing if you make eye contact by accident.

I've also made it a point to yawn a lot around him, and to almost play hard to get: I give him a little bit of attention, then turn my back on him and ignore him. That seems to be the absolute surest way of getting him to come closer to me!

The most wonderful thing happened just this morning: As per my usual routine, as soon as I shut off my alarm clock, Ginger jumped onto my bed for her morning loves and scritches (this is when she is the most affectionate with me and licks my fingers, grooming me good morning.)

For the very first time ever, Ferris came into my bedroom on his own, and sat there watched me scritching Ginger for a minute. Now, I always try to greet him with morning scritches, but normally in the kitchen when he approaches me for his breakfast.

However, this morning, he came into my room, watched us for a moment, then jumped up onto my bed and asked for scritches from me! Ginger, of course, left the room in disgust - that little newcomer is taking over everything!

Ferris, however, stayed up on the bed for as much loving as I would give him. I even managed to get a little kiss on the top of his head in, and although that freaked him out just a little bit, he just kept on purring away and rubbing up against my legs. He even put his front paws into my lap, although he wouldn't stay when I picked him up and put him in my lap proper.

I'm looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings!!! I'm so glad I found this little guy!
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