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Sitting in Litter Box

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My wife and I just had a little baby boy a week and half ago. We have two cats, Nittany (female) and Marley (male). Nittany has adjusted very well to our new son, but Marley (who is an alpha male) has had some issues. Including spending a lot of time hidding which is uncommon.

However the hidding has become less and less each day, so I am not too concerned with that. And he is starting to act like his annoying self again, so I think he is starting to adjust just fine.

But he is displaying a new behavior today, that I am a little concerned about. Twice today I have seen him just sitting in the litter box, it does not seem as if he is going. It didn't last more than 2-3 minutes. Any thoughts? Could this just be part of him adjusting, and could go away (like the hiding). I am thinking that might be the case, sort of a safe place.

By the way, we did everything we could to make the transition to bringing home the baby, including bringing home blankets from the hospital and having my wife enter the apartment first without the baby.
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and welcome to you all to TCS, its great here, with lots of advice, support and friendship..............and we have a bit of fun now and then

ummmmmmmmmmmm.. cat sitting in the box, does he try to dig or look as if he´s gonna do something ? If not then I think he´s just being a bit of a weirdo....sorry, but I had a cat some years back and he sat in the box loads of times, once he even fell asleep - weirdo -
As you mention it might just be the changes in your house and sitting in the box is a way of attention seeking so lots of lurvin I think

Enjoy the site and when you get some time, pls post some photos, we love photos here

Congrats on your new addition
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We have 3 females, and recently Gabby has begun to do the same thing. She just sits there, as if preparing to spend some time relaxing. I'll go in with the scoop and she doesn't even flinch! I end up lifting up her paws and scraping around her. Sometimes, she'll yawn and dig her paw into the litter to cover it. After I leave, she'll bound out and follow me up the stairs (we have the litter box in the basement). The other thing is, when she does 'go' she doesn't cover it up, but we think that's due to her feeling she's 'TOP' cat, and just marking her spot.
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If your cat is going in alot and seems to be trying to go, but can't I would worry about a urinary tract infection. These can often be brought on by stress, and will require a visit to the vet. If your cat is going in there to hide, but is using the box normally otherwise...I would just try and give him some extra attention, treats and reassurance!

welcome to TCS
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