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Hair Falling Off Tail?

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My kitty, Rusti, had a serious tail injury a few years ago. Luckily, we were able to save the tail, the hair grew back to cover the injury, and all has been normal ever since (minus the slight indention in her tail's tissue, as a result of the surgery).

About a month ago, my vet gave her a cortisone shot, as she was shedding too much for this time of year, and was producing too much ear wax. He suspected a mild allergy and following the cortisone shot, her ears are better and her shedding has decreased dramatically. The strange thing is that since the shot, the hair around the old injury on her tail seems to have fallen out, with no signs of it growing back! This area is only about 1" long and the rest of her tail hair is completely normal and in tact. Any ideas??? She seems to feel fine, so I don't feel compelled to take her in, but will if anyone thinks this is really something to worry about.
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I really don't think it has anything to do with the steroid shot, I think it was just by chance it happened at the same time. Sometimes scars will itch and it's possible that she's been licking or biting at it. Either that, or the scar tissue has made it impossible for the folicles to produce hair. Either case, I don't think I would be alarmed.
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Keep a close eye on your cat. Is your cat licking this area a lot? Maybe the visit to the vet made your cat nervous and licking that area of the tail is a psychological reaction--this would explain a little. But if you don't see your cat working on the area, then maybe you should give your vet another call.
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