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Brushing teeth??

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Yesterday I noticed my Vinny's 2 front incisers (I think thats what they are? I'm not a 'tooth' person so I dunno what they're called -- the 2 long teeth on the front sides of his mouth) had faint brown streaks on them. I opened his mouth to look at the rest of his teeth --- and they look awful! One is very red around the gum and the others are just very dirty and could really use quite a cleaning.

He is 8 years old -- I've had him for about 8 months and have never cleaned his teeth -- and I doubt his previous owners thought to clean them either. He wasn't too thrilled with me looking his teeth so I highly HIGHLY doubt he would let me brush them. Besides taking him to the vet for a cleaning, are there any really great products out there that would loosen the plaque or tartar, whether it's a pill/kibble/gel/whatever...?

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Due to how severe it sounds, a vet visit is definitely in order - he will more than likely require a descale and pollish. He may even require a course of antibiotics to clear up some of the inflamation caused by the calculus (plaque) He may even require some extractions due to cavities in the teeth under the gum line.

Once he has had a surgical clean, you'll be able to start training him to have his teeth brushed (this can be a long process - especially guaging by his age and reaction to you looking at his teeth)

Please get youe vet to check him out as dental issues can cause a lot of further health problems if left untreated.

Let us know how things go!
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