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really REALLY tough job......

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I'm having a tough day. My day at work has been one of the most disturbing I've ever had. A wild cat was brought to our shelter to be put to sleep.... he looked so good from behind.. really shiny and healthy. And then he turned around. The poor creature had no face. He had an aggressive form of cancer that had literally eaten away his nose and top lip. He was so scared and in so much pain. He wanted - and tried to - miaow several times, but he could only make this gut-wrenching bubbling noise from the holes where his nose used to be. Everything else was just a bloody, gorey mess. I've never felt so heartborken for a creature my whole life... I'm so glad he's somewhere where he can't hurt any more.
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Oh my gosh that is soooo sad I'm glad he's finally pain free and whole again now lots of hugs to you for having to deal with that
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Just remember you saved this baby from more pain. He is in a better place now!!
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its over for the kitty now. and you did the right thing.
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Oh no...I'm so sorry! I'm glad he isn't in any more pain. Poor baby.
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I'm so sorry! At least the poor kitty is at peace now.
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I am so sad for you....you are a brave, courageous person. You are doing something so positive for the animals, something that so many people would not be able to do emotionally (myself included). I know it was hard for you, but it was the right thing for this baby, God rest his little soul. He is not in pain anymore, and no longer suffering. Take a moment and spend some time with some of the animals that you are able to save, or adopt out. Play with the kittens, give extra kisses to the ones going to a forever home....and always remember the little angel with no face, so he is not forgotten.
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Oh no I have goosebumps. I am so sorry you had to see it, and I'm so sorry the poor kitty had to suffer for so long That must have been truly heartbreaking.
Rest in peace sweet kitty
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Oh my god, how sad! Putting him down was really the best thing you could do, no more pain for the poor baby
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i didnt know cancer could eat like that? i dont know why but i immagined cancer totally different.
Does it eat away people like that too??

RIP kitty! atleast now youre free from pain and as whole! Run free with the other kitties!
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Oh hon, I'm so sorry you had to see that. Just remember, that kitty is in a better, pain free place now. RIP little wild cat.
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