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10 year reunion!

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Had my 10 year class reunion this past weekend, and surprisingly enough it was pretty fun! There was an informal gathering at a sports bar on Friday night and there was about 100 people there, most of whom I did not recognize and the formal party was on Saturday, but only about 60 people were there for that.... keep in mind this is out of a class of 508 but I had planned to go with some friends (that I hadn't talked to in 10 years!) so I didn't walk in alone there were some classmates I would have liked to see, but they didn't come All in all, was glad I went anyone else go to a reunion this year?
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I should have had a 5 year reunion last year but it never happened. No one heard anything about one. Glad you had a good time!
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Mine was this year, but I never go to those things....funny cause I was such a busy bee in HS.... They always have them the night before Thanksgiving, or the Friday after Thanksgiving, something crazy like that. And I'm always visiting family then, and can't go. Either way, my cheerleading skirt is no longer a size 5....and I'm not sure I'd feel so grand walking in there without 2 scheduled liposuction appts and not eating solids for at least 2 months!!!
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I've only been to my 15th and that was in 1990 - and only because I had been "coerced and ambushed" by a classmate the previous fall at a local fall festival. (He grabbed me and hugged me - right in front of wife the the 5 daughters. )

I discovered that most of the people who were jerks in high school were still jerks.
At one point a dead ringer for Santa Claus walked in! One guy had gone completely whitehaired with full white beard.

I just haven't been all that eager to attend subsequent reunions.
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My 5 year is next year but there probably won't be one
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