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When I brought my kittens in to have their first shots, I also got them some Revolution for fleas and gave it to them when I got home. After two weeks they had fleas again. Has anyone had this happen with Revolution? I went back to the vet yesterday and told them that they had fleas again and they gave me some Capstar to treat them until they can get a does of Frontline in a few weeks. She also gave me the Frontline for free which was nice. Does anyone prefer one over the other?
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I'm a little surprised that your kitten got fleas with Revolution.
I use it to prevent heartworm (it's very common in my area and it's been a wet summer, so Gizmo gets her Revolution monthly.) She's never had fleas so I don't know if this product works better than the others, but it is supposed to work against them.

I think that the chemical in Revolution prevents adult fleas from laying viable eggs, but won't work against eggs that were already laid on the cat. In your case it would probably be best to wash the kitties in a good safe cat shampoo to dislodge the eggs and then try the Revolution.

Gizmo is a cat who is highly sensitive to medicine and she has had no side effects from this stuff other than to get a bit sleepy the first time she had it.
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It really isn't about preferance between Capstar and Revolution. They are very different things. Capstar kills all fleas present within a few hours and that's it. Revolution kills them and prevents them from returning. In your case it didn't work and we need to figure out why.

I would say that when it is time to treat the cats again, first bathe them in Dawn Dish Soap and flea comb and pick with tweezers all the fleas you can find. I would dump them into the toilet or a bowl of hot soapy water otherwise they will just hop away. Then give Capstar, then treat with something other then Revolution. Try Advantage or Frontline. If Revolution didn't work the first time I wouldn't be too interested in trying again. Since you have it though, you could give it another shot after you bath in dish soap and comb out all the visable fleas.

I forgot to mention that you may need to treat your carpet for fleas and flea eggs too. At least buy a flea collar and cut it into pieces and put them into your vacuum bag and vacuum all the carpet in your house.
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