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The daily thread Sept 19, 2006

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I didn't get a chance to go on computer all day yesterday!!!
Today cloudy and very cool with a high of 53F. Picked some more green peppers to chop and freeze which caused an accident to my finger yesterday. My knife is so sharp I "shaved" my right index fingernail. That hurt like #@%$#.
Then we picked up the tractor and moved to to the painting place. It was a challenge loading it on the trailer ( I didn't want to watch as the tractor barely fit!!) plus the back end of the truck was mving up and down so much-we endind up backing it on he trailer due to the weight. Went to SIL's and got some gourds and pumpkins and ate chinese last night. Today have to work at a clients yard doing some prep work, DH working on sides of trailer. Then the big dead tree was finally cut down yesterday-left I BIG divot in the lawn-no it just has to be moved!!
Not much else going on.
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I hope you finger is feeling better soon Gail!

I'm going for a walk soon. I really need to pay bills today

Aaron and I are going out to dinner tonight because it is our wedding anniversary today!

Have a great day everyone!
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Happy Anniversary Karen!!
Gail I hope your finger heals fast!!

I have had a headache since yesterday. It poured rain allday yesterday so Lee came home from work early and is out of work today too. But he is getting some paperwork done for Gambro and going to fax it to them later this afternoon.

Hope everyone has a good Tuesday!
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Happy Anniversary Karen and Aaron!
Sorry about your finger Gail

I am also going out for dinner tonight, with my lovely Mummy She's coming up to keep me company and treat me to something yummy.

Had a horrible night last night, Marks sister was in a car crash and was a very lucky girl. Doesn't even bare thinking about. I'm so glad she's ok

Got 2 job interviews coming up in our new town, one on Thursday and one on Monday so fingers crossed I get something!

Have a lovely day everyone
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Morning everyone! Hope the aches and pains of all are doing better. Cooler here too, Gail, 70 today and the upper 40's at night! Fall has arrived.

Happy Anniversary Karen and Aaron. Hey, that rhymes Good luck on the job hunt Lauren, that is not a fun thing.

Think it would be okay if I start a tradition from some other boards here? I kinda like a "daily holiday" thing... it's pretty funny usually.... like today, one of my favorites!

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Happy Anniversary, KAaron (Karen and Aaron)! I hope you have a wonderful meal tonight!

Oooh, Gail! I hope your finger is feeling better soon!

Lauren, I hope Mark's sister isn't too shaken! Good luck for your interviews too!

An annoying day for me so far, trying to sort too many things all at once!

Think I"ll make myself a coffee and relax for a while before the phone starts ringing again!!
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The sun is shining but it's in the 50's, Ari is in a sunbeam and swatting at a fly, and my shin is hurting from when I banged it last night. Yep, I really do need air bags or bubble wrap.

Happy Anniversary, Karen!
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I guess that would be a secret Santa hint!! BUBBLE WRAP FOR JAN!!!!
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Good Morning All!!!

So far today is good. Not too busy, not too slow, lots of time for TCS!!! I am having a meatball wrap for lunch today....mmmmm. It's kinda like a meatball sub, but on a wheat wrap, so it's not as bad for ya. I am also having a grape soda. That is a treat, since I don't drink much soda, and when I do it's diet. Grape soda makes me think of my childhood. When we had sleepovers, we were allowed to get a bottle of soda (any kind) and a bag of chips (any kind) and keep them in my room (usually forbidden) for late night snacks. I always picked Grape soda & Doritos! mmmmm.....

Happy Anniversary Karen!!!
Gail, you work too hard...I hope you feel better! Thanks for the raccoon tips!

Have a great day everyone!!!
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Thanks everyone!

Originally Posted by neetanddave View Post
Happy Anniversary Karen and Aaron. Hey, that rhymes
Yes, you should have heard the snickers at our wedding. It didn't help that our priest sounded like the one from Princess Bride.

Lauren, how frightening! I'm so glad she is OK! Good luck with the interviews!

Jan, you really do need bubble wrap!
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I just chucked out alot of paper!
Paper, notes, bills who wants that kinda stuff?

Slowly, my room is starting to look empty!

Today i have been really lazy, but also really weak, i used all my energy yesterday on painting the hall way, mind you its small.. so im really going to suffer doing the other 3 rooms! >_<

Ive mainly slept, and looking for things to give me energy, and clearing out my junk...
I hate junk
i wish it would just dissapear, and appear when i need it!

Heather - enjoy your soda and meat balls!

Jan, i have plenty of bubble wrap and airbags.. too bad youre not closer!

Sar - I hope you get to relax a little more

Lauren - good luck with your interview!

Gail, take some time off for you and quit working and hurting your self!

Happy anniversary Karen.

Neetanddave thats a pretty cool pirate!

Phenomsmom - i hope you get rid of that headache soon, i just got rid of mine!

Can you tell im trying to waste more time by trying to make a sentence for you all?
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I'm off to work soon but I thought I'd pop in and say a quick hello before I go!
I've got a headache too! I wonder if it's a cat person thing?
Jan we are going to wrap you in bubble wrap and change it every week! YIKES!
Fwan wanna come and paint our TWO houses? They really need it! I'd love the company! We are starting to really work on the rental now, it's going to be a major undertaking! It needs new paint on the walls and ceiling, retiled in the kitchen and bathroom, and we ripped the nasty carpet out and are going to finishthe hardwood floors. Then we need to clean the appliances, the sinks and the things like that. He left this place NASTY! We had to replace a 4 month old toilet seat that was MOLDED! Comeon, can you say cleaning products?
Then I'm going to get a plumber in there to redo the plumbing in the bathroom because it wasn't made for a shower, someone just "put it in one day" and it's rotting the wood, So I think I'm going to have that removed, or maybe fixed and put in something behind it to keep it from becoming nasty again. I am not sure yet. Oh so many plans, so few $$$. Then after the rentals done, we work on our house. New carpet, finish off the kitchen, all that good and fun stuff!
Well, it's 11 and I still have to get ready for work. I work at the other restaurant today so I'll be grossed out be raw chicken and livers and gizzards.

Have a great (warm) day everyone! It's looking alot like fall today. My thermometer says 68 degrees in the house. Almost time to turn on the heat!
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Happy Anniversary, Karen!

Hi everyone!
our washer broke last night. so I am hanging my clothes on the clothes line so they will dry a little more out in the sun and throw them in the drier and take a shower.

then I'll be going to the shelter to volunteer and come home and cuddle with the furbabies. I hope everyone has a great day!!
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Today is my sweet Bella's b-day she would have been 13, she missed it by 10 days
We are going to send balloons up to heaven (one has cinderella on it) and I am making a cake to celebrate this sweet girls life!

Happy anniversay to you Karen
Gail..Hope your finger gets better soon.
Lauren, Thank God Mark's sis is ok, and good luck in the interviews!

Sophia has pooped and peed in the kitchen 2 days in a row and my husband is taking her to the vet today(I'm not ready to go in there yet)

Have a great day all!!!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
Today is my sweet Bella's b-day she would have been 13, she missed it by 10 days
We are going to send balloons up to heaven (one has cinderella on it) and I am making a cake to celebrate this sweet girls life!
to you on sweet Bella's birthday. We send balloons up as memorials all the time, I think it is a great way to send ones thoughts and a piece of yourself to your loved ones.
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
I guess that would be a secret Santa hint!! BUBBLE WRAP FOR JAN!!!!
Thank you for your sympathies.

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It is a warm, cloudy day here, with a very fall like feel to it. I am so excited that fall is coming, it is my favorite time of the year.
I have had my coffee, made 3 pairs of earrings, and did some laundry. I have been in a creative mood lately and have been making eyeglass hangers, cell phone charms and earrings so far.
It is my sweetie's birthday today, and we are mostly just spending a quiet day at home. He got a small Crate amplifier and some headphones with the birthday fund. We save change from February to September for his birthday, and from September to February for our anniversary. He has the day off, and I have no appointments scheduled, but could get called in.
I hope everyone has a wonderful day!
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