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New Cat Owner - Paw Question

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I just got my 2 kittens from the human shelter not too long ago. I notice that one of my kittens has the normal pink paws, but on two different feet, their is a black areas on paw and a 1 black toe. I dont know if this is normal or maybe it is bruised or even filled with something...
I would appreciate any tips or help before I call the vet.
Thank you
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What color is your kitty?
Multi color kitties will often have both pink and black on their paw pads.
If the black area is the same texture as the pink areas it should be ok.
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yep that is pretty normal. I don't know what the conditions are but cats have black/gray or pink paw pads. Some have both.
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My cat is white with black spots and he has brownish-black and pink pads - where they're black it is a spot like on his back. Perfectly normal if your cat is not a solid colour.
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Java & Pixel both have multicolored paws. here's a pic of one of Java's - she's a calico.

Cable & Chip have solid black paw pads, but they are dark-footed kitties.
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Is it the actual toe or is it the pad? Many cats (if they are multi color themselves) will have multi color pads - usually black and/or pink. If a cat has any white on them (bicolor, calico, tortie/white, tabby/white) you will find multi color pads.
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he is mostly white with a bit of gray. Ok so from what I am pretty much getting from you all is that this is normal. It feels like a normal paw I just wanted to make sure. Thank you for the picture also.
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Ooooh, white and grey, I love that colour combination! Any photos you could share with us?
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I need to get them developed. Once I do, Ill scan them and put them up
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