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All of your stories are completely disgusting. The worst that's ever happened to me was a bit off fingernail in my french fries. It was so long ago, I don't even remember where it was. The manager comp'd my meal and that was the end of it.

I still can't eat Wendy's chicken sandwiches after hearing the mayo/abcess story (which is not true BTW, if you've heard it.)

Also, I refuse to eat Taco Bell meat after the 20/20 special stating that earthworms are part of its ground "beef." (after researching it online, it appears this one a false as well, but I'm sticking with 20/20 on this one.)
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I was in the hospital last year and I opened a plastic container that my salad came in and a fly flew out.

I was in a Chinese resturant once and a big roach crawl out of a bowl of those hard noodles, there was a spider in my chow mein and a roach in my nephews soup.

I can't remember how many times I've found bugs in salads or hair in my food when eating out.
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ugh, I hate bugs in food. I have always, always loved spinach, since I was a little kid. Fresh spinach, or canned, with a little melted butter and vinegar-heaven. So I'm eating some spinach from a can one day... chew chew chew.. CRUNCH! I immediately thought oh no... spinach doesn't crunch I spit my food into a napkin and there was a black beetle in there I didn't throw up, but I went and brushed my teeth and rinsed about fifty times, and had no appetite for the rest of the day. The worst thing is though.. I've never been able to eat spinach since. I know how rare it would be for it to happen again.. and I've tried buying fresh spinach and going over it thoroughly before I eat it, but still...I manage to take a bite and then that's it - I just can't get over the memory of the beetle :/
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Oh yech...and now with all the talk about E Coli being in that spinach lately, and those sick people, and the girl that died...makes you nervous to buy anything like that for awhile.
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Originally Posted by maddensmom View Post
Then to make matters worse, about a week ago, I opened a can of tomato soup. (I won't mention brand names) As I was pouring my soup into the bowl, I saw something fall in. I thought it was a piece of paper from the edges of the can, but upon inspection (taking it out of soup and rinsing soup off of it) I realized it was a piece of SKIN with FUR!!!! It was about the size of a dime. I DID throw up that time, luckily I hadn't eaten any of the soup. I figure it was a rat. Or a piece of one anyway...

Needless to say, I spend a lot more time picking through my foods before I eat them now!
I think I got some of the same batch of soup (well a few months ago) - I complained big time and they sent me $200 in gift coupons for their products
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Some of these stories are SICK!
I hate bugs, and knowing they are not just only in MY salad, makes me feel even grosser. I'm for sure picking through everything now.
SOUP!??? Gosh I would freak out if i seen that in my soup.
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I havnt had any problem personally with any restraunt. But my cousin had a cooked lady bug on her Big Mac once. It was pretty nasty. She saw it right before she took a bite.
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Ewww....this thread is disgusting

I would have no worries about complaining if i found ANY foreign object in my food, straight to the Manager and if he/she was not very sympathethic i would make sure the whole place heard me
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