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I have pics of my cat scanned and in my computer, but I have no idea how to get them onto this board. I cant put them in my cats page cause they are too big. I dont have PSP or the other program, so I cant make them smaller...can I?? Someone help!! lol. The pics are not recent ones. We havent gotten the film developed yet of the most recent ones. They are from Christmas of 99 and he is very little in them. As soon as someone tells me what to do, I will get them up here!
Thanks in advance!!
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Make him a cat page without the pics and then email me the pics with the page number. I'll resize them and upload them to the page for you.

We'll see him on the boards in no time
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Would you do that for me too? I don't want Squirt and Joey to miss out on their chance at Cat Page of the Week.
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