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why does he chew my hair???

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Nathan has a new one--around daybreak, he climbs on my pillow and starts chewing my hair. I push him off the bed, but he's right back up the next second, chewing my hair again. It's not like he chews a big chunk of my hair--he chews on the frizzies on the top of my head (I have curly hair). I actually don't even feel it, I just hear him chomping. This morning I put the sheet over my head like a kerchief to discourage him, and he managed to find a spot at my hairline where some hair was sticking out.

Can anyone tell me WHY he would do this? It is annoying as all heck, and I find it completely inexplicable.
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Could it be your shampoo? I've heard others complain about this and they changed shampoos and the behavior stopped.

Why in bed in the morning? Cause you're imobile and he can!

Good luck!
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My kitten, Ross does the same thing. That was the final straw that make me close the door at night and lock him and his sister out! I have switched shampoo and he does the same thing. I think it's for attention. If I'm trying to have a nap and Ross starts to do that I just lift up the covers and he goes underneath. He just wants me to pay attention to him (he is a very needy kitten).

Good luck!!
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mamacat, I have two abyssinians, and although they both like to sleep with me, only one nibbles on my hair. It amazes me how loud and ferocious this licking sounds in my ear. I wonder if there is something in the hair that cats like, in the same way that some cats like to lick for salt content on the skin.
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I think it is just something they like in the hair, be it the oils or the shampoo or both. Some cats feel the need to groom you because they feel you cannot properly do it yourself haha! My cat will groom my hair for a good 10 minutes. I let her, it comforts her.
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