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Went to the vet today and...

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Well, today was Sunshine's yearly checkup/vaccinations appt. We get there, and she got her vaccinations and then the vet did her physical. Well, she has fleas, worms, ear mites, matted fur, a broken tooth..............it was neverending!! So, we got everything in order, she was put on Revolution to take care of all her problems, and the vet shaved her to get rid of the matted fur.

My question is this: She just in the past few months has become an outdoor cat and up until now had NO health issues. They gave me revolution for her and for my other cat at home so I could treat them both. It was $30 for 3 tubes. What I am wondering is if I keep her in from now on ( which I think I'll do, obviously the outside world is not aggreeing with her ), do I need to continue to treat her w/ Revolution each month? Or can I just treat her this time to kill everything off, and then assume she won't get reinfested?

By the way, they treated my other cat since they live together, and they said she probably also had mites, and fleas. Do you think that one dose will get rid of everything, or should I perhaps do 2 doses each just to be sure?
Thanks guys!
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Thanks SusieQ! Up until today they were both outdoor/indoor kitties, but I think they'll be staying inside from now on. I'll treat them with the Revolution, and hopefully they'll stay well!!
Thanks for the help.
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I would (just my way of being sure) keep them on the revolution through the rest of the summer until it gets cool again. Because they were both indoor/outdoor it's very likely that you have flea eggs in the house now. You want to make sure they stay flea free and kill off the cycle of fleas that may be in the house.
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Thanks, I bought the 3 month supply so I'm good till October, for now.

Will the flea eggs die on their own that are in my house?? Do I need to do anything special to facilitate that?
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Fleas will feed from any host they can get. Humans included. So I would recommend bug bombing your house to make sure the remaining fleas and eggs are killed. (I had to do this years ago. I securly tucked the pets away on one floor of the house and shut the doors so that they couldn't enter - shut off smoke alarms because this will make them go off... then do one floor at a time.

Now this is assuming they still make the bug bombs - I haven't seen them in years... But I do know that once my parents and I had done this - the fleas never came back.
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If you vaccuum religiously and often, you likely will never need to use bug bombs, unless your house is infested. Be sure to throw the used bag outside when you are done, as the fleas can live in the vacuum bag. My cats had fleas three years ago, and after treating them and doing diligent vacuuming, there were no signs of fleas anywhere. No poisons in the house were necessary. There have been no fleas for two years in a row now, with my cats not having any flea treatments for two years. And that is with them having a small outdoor pen that they go in every day, no less! You have to remember to move furniture and vacuum under things, though. Also don't forget to vacuum the stuffed furniture, and under the cushions. Oh, and comb your cats with a flea comb as often as possible to catch any fleas that might be there, to check on if there are fleas, and also to just remove loose hair.

Also, wash all bedding weekly in hot water and dry in a hot dryer. If you put blankets, or washable covers of some sort on your stuffed furniture, you can then just wash those weekly. I think that is easier than vacuuming furniture. I put little cat sleeping mats on the seats of our stuffed chairs, and then wash them weekly. That also keeps fur off the furniture. I hate vacuuming, but don't mind doing laundry, so that works best for me.
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here is a good link for flea control.

Flea Control
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Thanks everyone for your input. As of now we havent' seen one flea anywhere so I don't think I'll be doing anything along the lines of bombing!!

I have all hardwood floors downstairs and I vacuum my furniture and wash it regularly ( I have slipcovers that I just toss in the washer ) . As far as upstairs, I vaccuum and wash the bedding so it shouldn't be a problem. I was a bit concerned about my kids since the cats sometimes will nap on their beds, but I haven't seen anything and until I do I think I'll assume there is nothing there.

Thanks again!
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