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Moving Issues

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So I've just recently moved for College.... I've been living in my new apartment for a good 3weeks now, and finally this weekend moved my cat with me...

I'm about a 3hr drive from home...my cat did extremely well for the trip, sat on my lap the whole time...was alittle scared, but didn't get sick or anything...

So I've been keeping her locked up in my bedroom since last night...her litter box, food and water are all in here....last night she did alot of exploring in it...sat near the window most of the time...

This morning I let her out of my room to explore the whole apartment...but she seemed really confused, and panicing...so I picked her up and put her back into my bedroom....I left for class this afternoon, so she was alone...

Now she's hiding under my bed...and my bedroom door is open, but she doesnt seem to even want to try explore again....I've also noticed she hasnt used her new litter box, or even eaten anything.....and this surprises me, because she usually is one who loves her food....

Should I be worried, or is this just normal for any cat who has moved???
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It's normal for the cats that react that way (and plenty do). She'll be fine, it'll just take a while. Do leave food nearby, and water, etc. but don't try to drag her out or force anything. A good idea is to be in the room with her at the same time you leave the door open to the rest of the place. Stay and talk to her a while, and casually go back and forth into the other room, and leave the door open all the time if you can. She'll get it eventually.
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I'd get some Feliway diffusers for calming smells (pheromones) and also leave some of your dirty laundry on the floor to make her feel that it smells like 'home'.
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Last night she actually came out and looked around the apartment...then ran back into the bedroom..lol... she ran into my roommates bedroom, so I had to run and catch in her in there.....cause my roommate doesnt really like cats, plus kinda worried she might pee in her room to leave her mark or something.... any ideas on ways to keep her out of there, beside shutting the door??

Also, she ate and drank her water last night while i was sleeping........and used the litter box this morning while i was here in my room on the computer... lol
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