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All 4 of my kitties, checking out a noisy bird:

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Oh my goodness that is such a sweet picture !!!
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aww..what a sweet picture!
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Love that picture! I open the windows every morning so the cats can hear the birds outside. I usually only see their backsides like in your picture for at least an hour after window is opened.
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That is sooooooooo CUTE!!
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Oh how cute are they!
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Awwwwwww thats brilliant
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Don't you just love when they do that.....sigh
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lol lol lol i love that pic
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Great picture!!!
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My niece saw this on her granny's 'puter...(My mom's) and told my Mom, "No, that isn't a picture of Aunt Nelle's cats, that is something she found found on the web"!!! It didn't strike me as special as it did the folks I sent it is pretty much the view one gets nearly every day when you are trying to please your cat(s)!
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That's a great picture. They obviously have a fascinating view.
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