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UTI Questions

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So, Mushi's got an appt. tomarrow for the vet. Due to him peeing and pooping in unexpected spots, like the toolbox, and the toybox. (Least it's in boxes eh? )
But he's also been doing it right OUTSIDE of the litter box.
It's his annual appt, but they're checking him out for that too.
What exzactly happens when they check him for that?
They didn't ask me to bring in any poop or anything..Shall I bring some in anyways?
And IF he DOES have a UTI what'll they give him to help?
I'm SURE they are going to ask me to put him on a diet, because he's gained some wieght scince the last time we went in there.
I would just like to know what to expect tomarrow.
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To do a urinalysis, they're going to have to take a urine sample. It could be relativley simple, some cats make it difficult. It's also dependant on how full their bladder is. If it's relativley full, they can usually just do a bit of a squeeze to get a sample, but sometimes they have to go through the abdomen with a needle. But procedures only take a few minutes, and the urinalysis itself they usually call you with the results of.
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I think they'll probably want to take a urine sample. Two main ways of doing that:

1) They send you home with some no-sorb. It's like, little plastic pellets, but they don't absorb the pee. Then you use a syringe to put the pee into some sort of container.

2) They can do cystocentesis, which means they go into the bladder with a little needle and collect a sample.

I think they would have told you if they needed a stool sample, but on the other hand, it doesn't hurt to go ahead and bring one in, and you can throw it away if they don't need it.
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So what'll they give him if he DOES have a UTI?
Does he get medicine?
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If it's just an infection, they'll likely put him on antibiotics. Crystals caused by UTI's are much more complicated and your vets treatment of this ailment could be one of many approaches.
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