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Friday DT

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(hope there wasn't one already started....if yes, I missed it)

Well......rainy and gloomy here. I just want to go home and sleep!

I am munching my way through a bag of Whoppers. My usual weight loss adviser and guide Ady doesn't seem to be around.(where are you today?????) She normally keeps me in line. I really want to lose 20 pounds and these Whoppers will not help... (hmmmmmmm I'm thinking I might have a great Law suit on my hands!!!! I swear, the temptation was too huge. I went to the store to buy the daily paper and lo and behold, right near the cash register was this bag of Whoppers. On sale too!!! I'll have to check out the Lawsuit thread and contact one of those brilliant people who have successfully sued on behalf of their own stupidity!

Well.....I hope everyone has a great week-end.

I'll take any "Eat healthy and stay away from the junk food" advice and good vibes anyone is willing to send my way!
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Happy Friday, to all of you "normal" working stiffs.

I've got a long shift today - 12:30-11:00. The only way that I'll get to see Bill is when he stops by the store, for a few minutes.

He was going to bring me my ring, yesterday. When he got to the store, the owner gave him story about how the jeweler hadn't finished the sizing. Its supposed to be ready, today. If it isn't, that guy is going to have to deal with ME! If there's anything left of him, the Better Business Bureau can have a crack at him.

Ike got stung by a bee, last night. I was on the patio, having a smoke. Ike was snuffling around this half-dead bee and tried to eat it. The next thing that I knew, he whined and startd biting and licking at his paw. Sure enough, the bee got him. No lasting damage but, I think he'll think twice about eating bugs, again.

Rowdy insisted that I get up at 6:30. It is impossible to sleep in, witha sandpaper tongue working over your nose and chin. I covered up but she burrowed under the covers and went to work on my knee. I gave up! At least, for the next two days, Bill will keep her occupied, so that I can sleep.
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Great minds think alike! Looks like we posted the same thread at almost the same time! Not sure how to transfer or change or do whatever to mine so feel free to do so with mine if you are able to.
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I merged the two threads. was trying to merge the last one (Ghys's) into the first one, (Cindy's) but it worked out backwards...but either way...they are merged.
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G.....I'll take some of those whoppers if you don't mind sharing!!!

Cindy...I hope you get your ring, soon!!!! I want to see pictures of it!

I am going offline soon to do some cleaning in the babies closet, it is jam packed with stuff that needs to go elsewhere, and then I will have room for the baby stuff.

Gloomy day here. No sun...just humidity.
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Thanks, Debby. You know, Ghys and I did that, just to give you something to do. Wouldn't want you to get bored or lazy.
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Thanks guys! I feel useful again!!! :laughing:
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Psssst...could someone tell the newbie what DT stands for???
(Sorry I'm such a snoop, lol...)

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Thanks Debby! (pssst....good job Cindy!)

Whoppers heading out your way.....ummmmmm Did I read this right? Cleaning???? If there something you'd like to share with us? Has the nesting stage hit??? I'm starting to X out the days on my calendar!!!!!!

sockiesmom: DT stands for Daily Thread, you basically check in, talk about whatever's on your mind and meet a whole bunch of great people(who are, BTW everywhere on this site!). Climb aboard!!!!
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No, I don't think the nesting thing has set in, this is just something I have been putting off for awhile, and it needs to be done before baby comes home. So I now have a little bit of energy after chatting online with you all, so I am going to disconnect, and go get to it! Have a great day!!! Luv ya all!
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I had a half day today, but came back this evening so I could post a pic of Trent drooping. I've been going through all my disks and I seem to have lost a whole bunch of pictures of the kitties. Our digital camera takes pics on regular floppy disks, which is really nice, but apparently I can't keep track of them. Good thing we are moving so I can find them all.

We went looking at apartments today. Well, we only managed to look at one place, but it is the place we really wanted to move into last time we looked. The problem was that at that time they wanted $800 deposit for both kitties, in addition to all the regular deposits! No freakin' way we could do that. Now they have gotten much more reasonable - only $400 for both cats, which is about normal around here. So that's probably where we are going to move to. They have decent move-in specials right now - $59 deposit instead of $350, and $1200 toward rental payments that you can spread out over the whole year. Not too bad.
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So when do you think you will be moving? Good luck with it!

I got everything done I wanted to do today...it is a relief to have it behind me. The babies closet is HUGE, and it was full, top to bottom, I kid you not, with stuff!!!! Some of it was junk, some of it is stuff I want to keep, but it needed to go somewhere else. So I cleaned it all out, went through it all, and relocated it!! (I won't tell you what my OTHER closets look like now...lol)

I also got the dresser drawers cleaned out, and all the baby stuff that had been sitting around in sacks put in it.
What was really depressing was running onto a bunch of jeans I wore when hubby and I were dating, 8 years ago...size 3 and 4.
Even BEFORE I got pregnant I would have had to of lost 25 lbs to fit into those!! I will be thrilled if I can fit back into my 7's by next summer. (that's my goal, because that's what I was wearing right before I got pregnant) I didn't have the heart to throw away the 3's & 4's though...it's kinda like admitting defeat...so I stuck them in another closet...just in case....yaaaaaa.....right....when donkey's fly... :laughing: (I think that's called wishful thinking) *sigh*

Anyway....to all of you who are probably sick of hearing about me being pregnant, I apologize....but it is the only thing on my mind these days.

So now Hubby went to see Austin Powers #3, with the kids....I really wanted to go....but I didn't think I could sit in those uncomfortable seats that long, not to mention hubby is being his usual grouchy self, so I really don't want to be around him anyway.

So I called a friend, and she is coming over later and we are going to go into town and get something to eat...I haven't eaten all day.

Hope you all had a GREAT day!!! Sorry I rambled on so much here, just bored.
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