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Absolutely driving me nuts!

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My cat Noira the one who has been missing for a week, then came back, broke out the screen and was missing for another week. Well she came back but last night she borke out the screen we just had the maintenence man replace free of charge. I have three aluminum screens in place in front of the actual screens in the window and she still manages to break out of them. I don't know what else to do! There is no a/c here and it will be warmish for another month or so. We cannot keep going through screens like this. We are already breaking so many rules here by having so many cats. The maintenence man knows about them and is fine with it and didn't mind replacing the screens once. But twice? Three times? What else can I do?
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Have you tried "Pet Screen"? You could buy a roll or two of it and have the maintenance man put it in. Could you reinforce the screens with metal or plastic trellises cut to size (a tip originally from TCS's hissy). Or chicken wire?
We had regular screens in when we first got Jamie, and he would walk right through them. Before putting in "cat net", which has now been replaced by Pet Screen, I resorted to metal grates from the oven and barbecue.
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I will definately look into pet screens. I have used other screens from Lowes or Home Depot, the problem is the size, but otherwise I think the metal grates from the grill sound like a good idea. Here is a picture of the windows.

Here is the window, the part that opens is the right side there, about 32 inches across I have it opened halfway with the screen section I bought from the store propped up in there. But she climbs to the top and pushes it out by that part on the top that isn't protected by a second screen.

This is the part that opens, see the top there?

I can't do anything that is highly noticable from the outside I don't think. The landlord is very picky about certain things, but I am willing to try it anyways. If she sees it she will tell the maintenance man to put a warning on my door to remove it. Since he is cool with me and my pets, he usually just tells me and I deal with it then. I thought of maybe a baby gate but that is very obvious from the outside.

I will def look into the pet screen though, thanks.

Any other suggestions appreciated. I posted a similar thread a few months back and I took the suggestion of getting the screen extension thing from Home Depot. That protects the bottom fine but not the tops...
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Ok I totally forgot to mention a pretty important thing. She doesn't actually rip out the screen itself. She has before but since I have the screens blocked with the extra screen extensions, she pushes on the screen so the whole thing, frame and all come out. So I figured out how to stop her from tearing the screen, although I still think she would go back to doing that if that was the only way out. But I need to stop ehr from just pushing on the frame hard enough to get it to pop out. In an apartment complex, I don't have too many options for different screening but I am open to suggestions and maybe I will just do it anyways. I need to keep the frame itself in the window.

This is what led to letting Noira out more often in the first place. She was ripping the screen so I bought the extentions and decided to let her out a little more often. I thought we could compromise I guess hehe. I let her out more if she quits ruining hte screens. I guess cats don't compromise.
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My husb. put up sheet acrylic over our screens (inside) just leaving enough space for air to get in, but not cats.
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