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Lost cat

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I got home from a week-long trip last night. I was dragging my luggage inside my apartment when one of my cats caught a glimpse of a stray hanging around outside. My cat darted out the door and started chasing the stray (he loves to play with other cats). The stray took off with my cat in pursuit. I ran after them, but they were running so fast I lost sight of them. I spent 4 hours (9pm-1am) searching (on foot and in car) for my cat last night, but no luck. I've checked out the lost pet links, put up fliers, have put food outside my door, will be searching again tonight, etc. I'm hoping someone might have additional tips on finding my cat, or can share some lost cat stories with good outcomes. I'm feeling pretty hopeless right now as my cat wasn't wearing his collar (but he is microchipped) and there are a million places he could be around my apartment complex. My remaining cat and I are pretty stressed out right now and would appreciate any words of encouragement.
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Awww, i am so sorry. I really hope you find your baby. Cats are good about finding their way home, though, so keep that in mind. Do you give dry treats? If so, maybe try shaking the bag/container when you are calling the kitty home. If my boys hear a treat bag, they will come running. You are in my thoughts and prayers, and I really hope your sweet furkid comes home. *hugs*
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This website has some good tips about finding lost pets: http://www.lostapet.org/newindex.html
Don't give up. If you take a look through the SOS forum, you'll find plenty lof stories of lost cats being found/recovered. I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find yours.
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I am very sorry about your lost kittie. I hope that you find her soon.
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thanks for all the good wishes. Good news: the food I put in front of my door is gone! So either my cat (or a stray) has come by to eat. Around 10 pm, I'm going to trudge around my apartment complex again. My biggest fear is that my cat ran off with that stray and now they're all friendly and he's all happy forming a cat life or something with his new friend. If I don't get any results tonight, I will be looking into obtaining a humane cat trap. My poor remaining cat has been yowling ever since I got home. poor guy.
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When you do your trudge, be sure to have a couple of bright flashlights to help light up "tapetums". Also, you could try tapping a butter knife on the edge of a can of cat food; sometimes that reels 'em in.
Also, cats tend to be crepuscular so about an hour before dawn might be a good time to be out calling (it's heck on the body the following morning,tho). I'm sending loads of {{{prayers and vibes}}} that your cat comes home soon. Susan
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well, i went out looking for my cat tonight, and got some info from neighbors saying they had caught glimpses of him. I'm not sure if I 100% believe them though. While I was searching, I found a similar looking cat (which may be the cat my neighbors were talking about) who followed me home. I fed him and then he ran off. So I found a cat, but unfortunately, it was not my cat. I've set up my cat trap and am hoping my cat stops by sometime while I am asleep, goes for his favorite treats (which I baited the trap with), and gets caught. I know I have the best chance catching him between 1-5 am, but I have to work. maybe I will try that out this weekend. I want my cat back!!
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So something had eaten all the food in the cat trap this morning, but hadn't stepped on the platform to shut the trap. I just fed my remaining cat his dinner in the trap and he didn't set it off either. Is there something that makes that little platform attractive to step on? My cat just steps over it and eats the food out of the back of the cage.
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Maybe you could PM TNR1 with that question. You had a good idea to use your other cat to see if the trap was faulty Meanwhile, I'm continuing to send {{{{prayers and vibes}}} that your cat returns soon. JC had 4 wonderful nights of being "over the wall" - needless to say, everybody is on inside restriction until I can construct a secure cat enclosure.
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