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Litter- flush vs toss?

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i always flush the WBCL. Am I doing the wrong thing? we dont have a septic system. It always go down or am I slowly creating a concrete wall in the pipes?
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I got the ever brainiac idea to flush my Scoop Away Cat Litter (fecal) matter. Well long story short.. It didn't go over well.. Of course my husband was overtly ticked at em for the idea.. I thought why not.. That's what a toilet is for to flush poo and pee.. WRONG... It stopped it up. and the sand/litter is still on the bottom of the toilet.. We keep plunging it, and it's slowly going away..

So I'd honestly say dont' flush it,, unless it tells you too!
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I also use WBCL and flush it. Haven't had any problems, but I'm on a sewer. I would think that the corn would break down easily, though.
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It says on their website that it is flushable. I hope it is, b/c that was my motivation in getting it. I would think it wouldn't turn to concrete b/c it is all biodegradable corn husks--I think they would just decompose and be fine.
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There is no problem as long as the litter is corn or grain based. You are presumably not putting the entire box into the toilet?
I'm in an eighty year old building with its original plumbing and have been flushing clumps from Nature's Miracle for nearly a year now, with no damage to the pipes and no problems.
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I use Tidy Cat and just scoop out the poop. Very little litter clings to the poop. I've been doing this for 2 years and no plumbing problems.

I line the litter pan by placing it in a tall kitchen bag. When it's time to change the litter, I just turn the bag inside out trapping the used litter inside.
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Tidy Cats is clay based and the material can gradually build up in your pipes.
None of the clay based litters should be flushed, even in small quantities. Over time they will cause tremendous damage.
WBCL should not cause a problem since it is grain based (corn)
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Not sure of the brand I use because this is the first month we've used a litter tray (ex outdoor kitty) but I do think that it is a name brand from Sainsbury's. It didn't have directions of disposal on the packet so I've been scooping every evening and taking the rubbish straight out to the dustbins.

Pippin's urine has a very strong odour though so it is necessary for me to change the litter every 2nd day, which I don't mind because at least my tiny llittle apartment doesn't smell like kitty wee!
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I've been using Nature's Miracle and it's flushable. It's grain based and I've never had an issue. It's a great litter.
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I feel Nature's Miracle is the best, but any of the organic litters (Feline Pine, Yesterday's News, WBCL, SwHeat Scoop) can have their clumps flushed in the toilet with no ill effect.
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OK what is this WBCL? Where can I find it? Does it work with septic tanks? I just cleaned up the mine field litter box of my two cats. Who knew so much could come out of two beings with a combined weight of 12lbs. I don't even do that much at 200
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World's Best Cat Litter is made from ground corn. SWheat Scoop is made from ground wheat.
Nature's Miracle (which is sold on is made of ground corncobs; Yesterday's News is rolled bits of newspaper; and Feline Pine is sawdust.
All are flushable. I prefer the Nature's Miracle since I don't like the idea of using food for cat litter. I also heard that sometimes moths are attracted to the Swheat Scoop. The WBCL tracked terribly when I saw it demonstrated at a pet store.
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