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Omg, bridesmaid dress problem

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So, my wedding is October 14, just under 4 weeks away and my MOH called me on Saturday to tell me that her dress is 6 inches too big all the way around, and that she hasn't lost weight. Her seamstress quoted her $150 to take it in, but that is how much the dress cost in the first place!

Why, oh why, did she call me? I wish she had just called my mom.

Anyone have any advice?
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Don't stress about this! This is a little thing. Perhaps have her call the dress maker and tell them they sent the wrong size and maybe they can correct it. Or have her try another seamstress.
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Yeah, I would go back to where you got the dress....they would have her measurements written down/in the computer if you had to order the dress, and would be able to re-measure her to see if she has lost weight....if she did, it's not the dress shops fault. But if she didn't then they would be responsible for getting either the alterations done for her for free, or getting the right size in for her. And remember, the customer is always right! Don't take no for an answer. Maybe you can help her find a seamstress that does work on the side? Like retired, but still does some work from her home??? Just an idea.... Sorry you have to stress, but just know that something will always go wrong, and now that it's out of the way, the rest of your wedding should be smooth sailing!!!! Good luck!
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Thanks for the advice. As for the dresses, I was told that once I left the shop with them, they wouldn't take them back. The only way for my bridesmaids to get their dresses was for me to take them and hand them off. I couldn't leave them at the shop, no matter what. My mom said she'll call them anyway, but I can't find the measurements my MOH gave me.

I think with so much going on, things are just crazy. I mean, one of my bridesmaids was asked to plan the wedding shower down here for friends (my mom and my MOH planned the one for family) and she completely didn't do anything. So now my sister-in-law and MIL are planning this one. *sigh*

I just feel like I was let down by two people who I've always thought would be there, no matter what.

Thanks for letting me vent a little. :/
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The exact same thing happened to me. Try not to take it personally - you will see sides of people you never wanted to see while planning your wedding - friends you thought would be overly excited and helpful sometimes aren't. Don't worry, other people who love you will be there and do not mind helping and/or basically take over for the unhelpful ones. I don't think some people realize what their jobs are and how important it is. Try not to take it heart. Even though I know it's hard!

For the dress, $150 for alterations sounds extremely high. She should not have called you. That is her responsibilty to call various seamstresses in the area and get her dress altered. She ordered it too big and it's her job to get it taken in. You have way more important things to worry about. Tell her kindly to call around and make appropropriate plans to have the dress altered in time.
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aww if you lived here my grandma could probably do it, she used to MAKE wedding gowns from scratch. I would have to help though because she has carpel tunnel and she just sprained her wrist.
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Where the dresses custom made or did the bridal shop order specific sizes??? It there a size label or was it cut out?? The reason I ask is yrs ago my sis worked at bridal shop and if the dress mfg didn't have the right size they would send a bigger one but cut out the label so you wouldn't know the size. Good luck in getting this resolved!!
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I'm so sorry this has happened to you I hope you manage to get things sorted.
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