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Help! Male cat desexed, wont stop licking

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My 6 month old just got home frm being desexed today.
When he got home he was not tired at all like the vet said he would, and he wouldnt stop licking the area.
So i called the vet then went back and they gave me a plastic collar/cone thing to put on his neck.
This isnt working as he goes mental and rips it off (this cat is VERY active and aggressive, even after the desex!)

The vet said its dangerous for him to keep licking it and that i should keep the cone on his head for a week, he wont keep it on for even 2 minutes!
Yes i could make it a little tighter but he is just going nuts, its not working.
He wont stop licking his scrotum and it can get infected and rip apart.

What do i do?? Its 9pm and the vet is closed now, maybe i should have left him there for a few nights??

Please help!!
Will he really cause alot of damage by licking it or am i worrying too much??
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It is best if he wears the collar...he could start to take the stitches out, cause infection etc. I would say the best thing to do is to try the collar again (from the sounds of it he'll tear it off again) and call the vet in the morning. You might have to take him back in for a couple of days or they might suggest something else?

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, but I hope everything works out ok, and if you can keep us updated on how your fiesty little guy is doing!
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I had the exact same situation, first of all, he's licking because it's sore. When Sleeves did this the vet gave him an anti-inflamitory enjection, a pain killer basically. It worked a treat and he soon forgot about it.
You mentioned that he is still quite agressive, Sleeves was also. It takes a week or so for the hormones to settle so expect that for a few days yet. Sleeves was overly aggressive after his neuter and it was out of character. The vet said this may be because he was in pain and didn't know how else to react. Everything settled once he had the pain killer injection though. And once he healed he was (and still is) a huge love bug
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Thanks people
My cat always acts like this, its not out of character
I dont think he's sore, they had him on painkillers yesterday and said it would last 24 hours so theres at least 8 or so hours of that still remaining.
The vet also said they dont use stitches?? Im not sure how that works.
Im not going to try the collar again, theres really no point

I think i'll just have to hope he doesn't injure himself.. as bad as that sounds Im not sure what else i can do short of leaving him overnight at the vet but I just cant really afford that.
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Tomorrow, you might see if you can get a small shirt (like a baby's shirt) to put on him. It might keep him from getting to the area without having something tight around his neck.
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I just wanted to make a slightly off topic comment...

Don't expect behavior changes until about a month after the neuter. It takes about that long for the hormones and stuff to leave his system. It wouldn't be so long but since he was neutered so late it may take longer as he is most likely already sexually mature and the unwanted male behaviors may have started already

Also, I have found that sometimes those cones or E-Collars which is what I assume you mean, are just too big and bulky. Sometimes a simply styrofoam or heavy duty plastic or paper plate with a hole in the center will do the trick.
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Sorry your baby is licking, so did my canine adoptee from the pound this week....he licked until he got an infection. The Pound advises a Vet visit within a week, and since my darlin' brother is a DVM, we went for a checkup after 3 days. He prescribed Clavamox, and the red incision wound looks much better already after only 3 days. Clavamox is not expensive, you may be able to call the vet that did the castration and get him to call it in for you for a few bucks' cost on the Rx.
Wishing you all the best,
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