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Daily Thread: Monday 18th September!

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Morning all!

I hope you all had a good weekend! Anyone do anything exciting?! SS shopping, perhaps?

I have just finished cutting about four inches off my hair! Gosh does my head feel light now! I think I'll probably add a couple of layers later on in the day, but needed a break!

I had a good weekend, got a new coffee table from Freecycle and love the size of it - so much room to store clutter!

Enjoy your day!
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How do you cut your own hair??

Ive been lazy today, i will start renovating my apartment a bit later today!
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Easily! I've been cutting my own hair for years and am pretty used to it now! I also have a full hairdressing kit, so that helps too!

Oooh, how exciting, Fran! I bet it's going to look wonderful once you've finished putting your stamp on it!

Maybe you could show us some before and after pictures?
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I've nicked some bubble wrap from work because i'm doing some more packing tonight so i'll make a start on the glasses. I'm grocery shopping tonight so i want to buy some new coffee mugs for the new house Oh and i bought some new bedding for the new house as well at the weekend

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i can't wait to move!
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lol at Susan, you wouldn't happen to be excited would you?
Sarah you are so brave cutting your own hair. I am going to get about 4 inches off my hair in a few days, time for a change me thinks.
Marks Mum text me on Sat to say she had bought me a new dinner set for our new house! Don't know what its like but I'm sure it will be lovely. Can't wait to go shopping for everything else
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is it just me or are we all moving?
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Theres me, Sarah, Lauren and you Fran
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Nope, not just you! we're all on the move. I just don't have a date yet Should find out this week though, just waiting for the solicitors who move at snales pace.
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Hey wouldn't it be good if we could have some kind of virtual car boot sale where we all bought each others stuff that we didn't need anymore lol
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I've thrown most of mine out that i won't be needing anymore
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Originally Posted by rosiemac View Post
Theres me, Sarah, Lauren and you Fran
Me too! Moving this weekend if all goes as planned...
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Good morning fellow cat lovers! Hope everyone has a great day!

Back to the grind of work and packing for the move. sigh...
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Good Morning!! It was a busy weekend. I bought some things for my trip to Florida yesterday. Saturday we had a race for Lee. He got 3rd place. But the tech man does not like us. He can't take a joke even though everyone was quite obviously just teasing eachother. Lee was joking with a friend about them beating eachother up. The tech guy over heard and got mad and threatened to knock Lee's teeth out and send him away in the back of a police car. Then got mad and told the track owner 1/2 the story. The track owner came to us screaming and yelling gathering the attention of all around us and threatening to throw us out. Lee never said anything to the tech guy, the tech man is the one who threatened to hurt Lee. That stupid jerk!!

Other than that we had a good weekend! 3.5 days till my VACATION!!
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Everyone is moving!! (except me!) I've already moved twice this year...I don't want to do it again

4 inches is alot of hair Sarah....and Lauren!, I need to go for a trim this week myself...but I'm trying to grow it long so it will get be the ends that will be trimmed.

My weekend was pretty slow. Jeff spent the day golfing on Saturday so I stayed home with the kitties and watched a movie.

Yesterday my mom and dad came to visit

Have a great Monday everyone!
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Good morning!

Nothing interesting going on here. I'm not moving or cutting my hair. I like my apartment and I'm trying to grow my hair longer.

Today is another school day. No complaints here, I like my classes and my classmates I'm even staying at school late to see some documentaries being screened tonight.
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Sarah, we need pics of your new hairdo!

Good luck to all of you that are moving!

I just can't seem to wake up this morning. I'm going for a walk soon, and maybe that will do it! I absolutely have to go to the grocery store today. We got all of the Fall decorations out yesterday, and I may put a few out today for fun. I really need to go through some boxes in the basement, but I don't think that is happening today.

Have a great day everyone!
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I'll do a couple more touches to it and get a pic for you! Hopefully you don't all laugh at me!
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Good Morning!!!

My boss is back from vacation! That means, I get to go back to just doing my job, instead of mine & his like I had to do last week! (which means more time on TCS ) This weekend was Jazzy's kitty-cat party. It was a success! I did noses & whiskers on all the girls, and they all got pink cat ears. Of course I had them on too, and a tail! I made the kitty litter cake! The kids loved it. But the littler ones weren't eating I had to bite a piece of "poop" to show them that it wasn't really litter! Then they all wanted the poop on their plates! LuckyGirl was not thrilled with the commotion that 11 little girls make in a house, she was traumatized with her "deer in headlights" I put her in my room with the door closed. Louie slept through the whole thing, under the pillows on the couch.... I swear he's gonna die of sids one day cause he's always under the covers, pillows, and everything....

And the best thing ever, my little Louie sleeps with me every night....he moves all around under the covers, but always up against me somehow....and he purrs through the night. I remember feeling him laying in the crook of my neck, and purring, and I just kept thinking, this must be what pure joy feels like.... I was in complete euphoria!

Hope you all have a great day!!!
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Rainy day and it's making my back hurt.

But - I am so proud that I got the newsletter done yesterday. Now all I need to do is print out the address labels...

And get the newsletter to the copy center, buy stamps, mail them...
Gad, I'm tired already!
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Well, I'm not moving... yet But I am planning on getting my hair cut next weekend!

It was a pretty slow weekend - went shopping on Saturday with a friend all day, got the kitties some new toys/cat tree - nothing too much for me, except a new purse and new candles from Bath & Body works

I started to do a bit of online shopping for my SS, picking out and trying to get some ideas on what I should be looking for - I'm so excited!

Just another busy day here at work - I cannot believe its already Monday! Oh well - lets all hope this week goes by FAST!
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good morning, everyone! I am probably going to clean my room and do some reading. It's only 28* this morning in good ol' Montana. So I will probably cuddle with the furbabies. I hope everyone has a great day!
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Good evening!

I'm not moving but I am thinking of lopping my hair off from below shoulder length to about the neck....???

Just a little show E Burmese BB had his 1st CFA show last sunday (just a little one) and got 2nd best in one ring and 4th best in the other for kitten class! Yay! Short hair cats Rock!!!!!
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Well, I went to see some of my friends mudwrestle, for charity, this weekend. It was different, to say the least.
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This weekend I had Sat off and Sun I worked then went to a friends daughters birthday BBQ.
Today I worked and now I'm just sitting doing pretty much nothing. I love days like this!

Now I'm going to eat! (Brad cooked dinner! I hardly ever get his cooking anymore! )

Have a great night everyone!
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