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Weiner Dog race! Pics including!

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I visited Frankenmuth Michigan this weekend, and saw a weiner dog race! It was absolutely adorable to see the dogs run (and some saunter) to the finish line! My 10 y/o dd took some good pics....


GO! Note the traditional german garb on the man on the far right of the see a lot of that in Frankenmuth, and especially on a festival day like Saturday.
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We have a weiner...I mean a winner!

And a few dogs competed in the tricks part of the show...I think the dog was waving her paw on command!
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LOL Great pics and I am certain it was a good time too! Gotta love those weiner dogs!
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Yeah, they were just so darn cute! And then as we spent the day walking around Frankenmuth, we kept seeing the dogs. They all seem to be so friendly, and their owners were glad to talk about them, and let the kids pet them.

And of course we visited the fudge shops, and had some famous Zender's chicken and homemade noodles! Then went to Bronner's, the worlds largest Christmas store. All in all a very fine day of walking and shopping and eating. Some of my favorite sports! LOL!
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That is sooooo cute!!!!!
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That looks like a lot of fun! I noticed the sign "please watch your step"; poor little weiners are easy to trip on!
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How cute! My boss has a weiner dog named.....Weenie! What else!?! Actually her son named him after some cartoon I guess...when he was like 3 or 4. Not long after that when he started running around outside shouting "Wheres my weeenie!?!" and she regretted allowing a toddler to name the dog!
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Yeah, I can see where that could get a little embarrassing. I know someone with a weiner dog named Frank. His brother lives at the neighbors house...named Beans of course!
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Aww! How cool! Daisy would have loved to played with all the other wienies!! LOL They all look bigger than her though...
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That's cute! I like those doggies. They're very friendly.
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HOw fun that must have been to watch! I love weenie dogs!!
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Those are some cute pups! And I love the Weenie story and Frank and Beans too!
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