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kittens and litterbox

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My kittens are now 6 weeks old and doing very well.Ive seen one of them using the kitty box but the 2 other ones dont seem to be interested at all.
Ive noticed a lot of little pee puddles etc around my house mostly under one of my desk,i guess thats normal...
A couple of times everyday i put them in the box and make em scratch the litter but they are not interested at all,except for one.
I dont know if the mom is supposed to teach them,ive never seen her doing anything about it so far.
I was wondering if anybody had any tricks to make em understand that the box is the place to go?

(Id love to post a pic but i have no idea how!)
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Kittens are like babies...a short attention span, and when they have to go, they have to GO! I recommend closing the babies in a small area like one room, where they will always be close to the litterbox. Also, be sure to have litterboxes with low sides. Although kittens can climb in and out of interesting places, when it comes to time to go potty, they prefer the low sided boxes!
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I think your problem is that you are letting such young kittens have too much free space. They cannot learn everything they need to learn from mom unless they are in the same room with her at all times. Let momma out for breaks but she really needs to be there to show them. It is not a good idea to let such young babies have free range of the entire house (which is what it sounds like they currently have right?) They should not be expected to learn very fast if there is just one box in one room and they can go all over. Either confine them to a smaller area or buy a ton of cake pans and put them all over your house with litter in them.
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Thanks for the tips.
They do have a lot free space although its only one room(a big that is since i live in a loft!).
Im gonna try to put more box around see how that works.
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i found out how to post a pic after all,here is 2 of my kitties!
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They are very cute...but could you possibly reduce the size of the picture?? Some really large pictures take a while to load.

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You should be confining them to a large cage or a bathroom with the litter pan and do not let them free roam a long time without supervision. In a few weeks when they are consistent with the litter pan, you can let them explore more of the house.

In the meantime, you'll have to really clean up any place they have peed or pooped cause they will return to the spot. Use Nature's Miricle cleaner for the spots.

My kittens didn't have free run of the house till about 3 months old because they could not be trusted to get to the litter pan in time.
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My kittens are 7 weeks old and have been running around most of the house for a few days now.
When I first brought them into the living room, I put a litter box in the middle of the floor and added a bit of their poop, then put them in it the first thing, when they were brought into the room. Maybe I have been lucky but they have gone to the box when they needed to. Over the past 3 days I have moved it (a few feet at a time) to a corner, but still put them in it at first to remind them. I always 'refresh' their memory by putting them in the box as soon as they come into the room.
My house is not all that big and the bedrooms are closed off (except for their room) and they have enjoyed the freedom.
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My fiancee took our one month old kitten into one room and for about an hour she would show the kitten where the litter box is and show scratching. And she follwed the kitten after feedings and put him right in the litter box and do the scratching. Oh and if you don't have a mama cat around teach them to clean using a warm wet washcloth (avoid doing alot around the butt as this encourages defication). At the end of the day the kitten was using it by himself and has been ever since
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i'm having a tiny problem with the litter pan , all the kitten's from about 4 week's old have been using it on there own now the problem i have is the only male has decided to go next to it rather then in it it is alway's kept clean should i add another box ?
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Originally Posted by XxtashaxX View Post
i'm having a tiny problem with the litter pan , all the kitten's from about 4 week's old have been using it on there own now the problem i have is the only male has decided to go next to it rather then in it it is alway's kept clean should i add another box ?
Yes...add another litterbox (you can buy an inexpensive aluminum cake pan as a temporarily litterbox) and see if that solves the issue.

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i think i have been lucky all mine are useing the litter box i got a large puppy pen and they have all been in that there 7 weeks old now and they climb out so we did away with the pen but kept the litter box in the same place.
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I have added 2 more litterboxes,i think they are all using it now...anyway i havent find any little accidents in a few days
Tnx for all the help!
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Im having issues with mine, they were 4 weeks on Sun .. And I dont think ANy of them are using it yet.. I have a big one for momma, and a smaller one for the babies.. and they make the mess of the small one, just playing in it, and momma uses the big one.. And I saw ollie one of the lil males in there,and I think he went pee in there.. and I saw Pearl one of the girls pee on the towl there food dishes and stuff are on.. :-/ What should I do? Is it still really early?
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i've got 2 feral kittens and they r not using the little box
how do i teach them?
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what i did was when there were about 4 week's old i use to put the kitten's in the litter box after meal's and when they woke up and use to get there front paw's and get them to scratch in the box if they poo outside of the litter box pick it up and put it into the litter box so they will have there smell in there , they will get the hang of it u just have to make sure you keep to it at 4 week's there only just starting to go on there own so don't worry to much if there still haveing accident's our's was litter trained after a few day's of trying some pick it up straight away and other's it take's them a bit longer
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I am kind of fostering a small kitten right now and have found he does much better using the litter box when he is confined to the bathroom. He has accidents occassionally, during the times I am letting him romp about the house.

For those looking for a litter pan for kittens... I bought a small, low sided plastic litter pan at Shopko for $1.99 and the kitten is more interested in it.
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