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My little friend came back..

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My little friend (the orange tabby) came back tonight. I hadn't seem her since I posted about her the other day and was beginning to really worry about her.
Well Tonight she made an appearance like nothing ever happened. Unfortunately our cats were on the porch when she came and Twig is NOT happy about her being on his territory. But we got him inside and he didn't go after the other cats so we gave him treats for being a good boy.
But me thinks we've been adopted.(Brad likes her too.) I fed her the first time she came here and now I think we are the feeding stop for her.She seems like she really wants us to pet her, but since I know nothing of her and she tends to growl when she rolls on the ground, I am leery about petting her because I don't want to get bitten.
So I gave her some more food and told her to go home, but she sat on the steps crying. I wish I could find out who she belongs to and see if they want to get rid of her. I'd give her a good forever home and she'd never be outside again.
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Post flyers around the neighborhood and ask around. If no one comes forward to claim her and she is still hanging around and seems homeless, after a couple of weeks I say adopt her!
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I'm glad she came back. Will you adopt her if she doesn't belong to anyone?
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I'd like to. I think she is owned though. She is very well fed, and seems to have a house at the end of the alley but I don't know if she just lays in that yard, or if she lives in that house. She wasn't around when I went to work today. I wonder if she'll come back tonight?
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