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Update on Katie

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Hi everybody! Thanks for those of you who sent good thoughts to my Katie! She did pretty well. She is not out of the woods yet, she spiked a very high fever yesterday and they had trouble getting it down. They reluctantly let me take her home tonight, but I have to bring her back tomorrow a.m for a temp re-check. I also have the whole story on her neuro problem. It is congenital hypothalmus of the cerebellum. A certain part of her brain that controls balance and co-ordination didn't form correctly. It causes her to overcompensate her steps and to lose her balance and topple over. She can see, think, and everything else ok. But can't judge distance or balance. My vet says about 1/2 of the kids affected with this defect die very young as young kittens because they can't nurse correctly because of their inability to hold themselves upright for long. But, she has adapted and those who do he said go on to live long, pretty normal lives. That made me feel so much better. I won't feel completely at ease until they give me the thumbs up all together. But I am so glad this ordeal is over for her. Again, thanks so much for all of your thoughts and information! We both appreciate it very much!
Lisa & Katie
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That's great news!! I'm sure everything will be fine tomorrow morning. Give her little kitty kisses for me!!
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Three chears for Katie!!!:Blobred :Blobblue:
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