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And another one!

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Ooo so many names I recognise from 'Pern' and I think there will be more still.
Three kitties keep me well exercised with their demands Gizmo is half persian and a tabby, quite old now and suffereing with artheritis, she's a 'gelical cat' in the true sense and needs no-one till she wants someone if you know what I mean*LOL* Shula and Leto are burmese Shula is brown with amazing green eyes and Leto is my baby he's cream and convinced hes human afterall 'what's a cat?' he 'lives' with us, sleeps in our bed with head on pillow, we had to get a 6foot bed to accommodate him he will only drink from the tap and if he can get in the car, or follow us to work(we only work up the road) he does.

Well enough for a first posting *am contemplating clearing this and just saying Hi?* Nah go for it!!!!
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Welcome to kitty heaven. Your cats sound great and I look forward to seeing them, piccies, I need piccies

My parents in Hawaii do alot of scuba diving, well my mum does. I don't see much of them but my cat Suki keeps me company here in the UK.

Nice to have you here.
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your kitties sound wonderful! I hope to see you here often, telling us of their antics.......and YES we NEED pictures! We are addicted to them!
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Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have quite the family. Never a dull moment. I hope to see you posting often, and look forward to getting to know you and your furries better.
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Hello! Do you reconginize me from Pern? Welcome to this board.
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